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Covid-19, more than a public health problem, a health crisis.

What is a covid-19 ?

This virus is a pathogen named SARS-CoV-2. This virus has consequences for patients 81% of whom have recovered properly. 15% of patients who have recovered badly, have pneumonia or breathing difficulties. 10% of them have other forms of coronavirus. 5% of them are in case of respiratory insuffocences for diabetes or hypertension. Transmission of the virus is through coughing postillons and sneezing. Infected people may be contagious during the incubation period. This pathology mainly affects vulnerable people whose bodies are more fragile. These are people with diseases such as diabetes, cancer… and the elderly.
There is no vaccine for this disease but scientists do research and tests all the time to fix it as quickly as possible. Health professionals work tirelessly day and night to heal patients as much as possible.

What is a public health problem?

This is when a pathology affects a large number of people. We see this with the increase in morbidity and mortality. And there are then physical, social moral and economic consequences for the individual. There are impacts for the state and companies such which have economic consequences because of the confinement that forces people to work from home. Because of the lack of hand some companies are closing while others are losing part of their turnover. In addition, the state must cover the costs of medical care and pay partial unemployment in order to avoid the complete unemployment of its population. The government has another role, that of putting in place preventive measures and actions, through the ,media, posters and health interventions in the case of Covid-19.

Covid-19 a health crisis ?

A health crisis it’s a disaster that is realized in a more invisible way because the event lasts over time. Covid-19 est un dommage rĂ©el important en morbiditĂ© et en mortalitĂ© with the number of people affected is increasing. The number of confirmed cases worldwide is 416,916 of which 81,847 in China and 335,069 out of China. There are in Europe 216 298 cases which 69 176 in Italia, and in France with 25 233 cases.
There is an increase in mortality with ine the world 18,865 which 3,287 China which 15,578 out of China. There are in Europe 11,933 which 6,820 in Italia, and in France with 1,331 deaths.

The trigger for this health crisis is the sale of wild animals in the whuan market in China, coming in particular of the sick bat ingested by the pangolin. It is an animal sought by man for its scales.
It is a new disease, which explains the dysfunction in the health system. This unant unpredictable has caused a greater number of cases and deaths each days. Africa is the continent least affected because its environment with its temperature is too high for the spread of the virus.

As a result of this epidemic, the behaviours of the indivus change in the face of a situation they do not control. Being alone or with our family, locked up, is both stressful and tiring not to go on with our life as before. Moreover, this epidemic leads to high unemployment and it is difficult for the end of the month for the population. It's psychologically difficult because social life is abscent and you have to pass the time for not cracking.
There is also a change in the behaviour of health policies to better manage the crisis and stop it.
So this crisis leads to a fall in the country's economy because the government paye medical care and manages partial unemployment.
The government is implementing primary and secondary preventions following the evolution of the epidemie. The first instructions were to wash your hands regularly, to keep a suitable distance from each other and to avoid contact as much as possible. He was an advisor not to go to the doctor in case of signs of covid-19 and call 15. There was quarantine 14 days after people last came into contact with infected people.
Then the rules got tougher. There is the closure of all schools, from the crèche to the university. There's the setting up of containment with telework for a lot of people,closures of public places
There is the opening of some schools to keep the children of the caregivers. Over the past 15 days, we are in strict confinement with the exit ban, except on individual certificate or employer certificate. In addition the borders are closed. Governments act in the same way everywhere. For example in Italy, the country most affected there is a curfew while the French government has not taken this decision. But some French cities have chosen to put a curfew as a mulhouse the most affected French city.

This health crisis has consequences for the country and leads to social upsets. This is the war of our era. It causes loss in the population as well as great suffering. When it will be over people will be different. To finish this epidemic causes a health, financial and social crisis.

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