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How to make elephant toothpaste

First step …

Before entering the lab, make sure to put on a lab coat. …

Wear closed shoes. …

Long pants are a must, as skirts and shorts expose the skin to dangerous chemicals.

Avoid loose sleeves, as they are impractical when working.

Tie back long hair.



Empty 20-ounce plastic bottle (or other container)

3% hydrogen peroxide solution (available at nearly any store)

Packet of active yeast (from the grocery store)

Liquid dishwashing detergent (such as Dawn™)

Warm water

Food coloring (optional, but it looks nice)

Make Elephant Toothpaste

Pour 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide solution, 1/4 cup dishwashing soap, and a few drops of food coloring into the bottle.

Swish the bottle around to mix the ingredients. Set the bottle in a sink or outdoors or some other place where you won't mind getting wet foam everywhere.

In a separate container, mix a packet of active yeast with a little warm water. Give the yeast about five minutes to activate before proceeding to the next step.

When you are ready to do the demo, pour the yeast mixture into the bottle. The reaction occurs immediately upon the addition of the yeast…

Is Elephant Toothpaste Safe?

It is so big that only an elephant could use toothpaste this large. It is, of course, not toothpaste so please do not try to brush your teeth with it! The kids safe version below is harmless but certainly wouldn't taste very …

Results :

We have excellent elephant toothpaste with some ingredients.. it's easy to do it u can try with your teacher and friends to make your own elephant toothpaste..

But don't use it maybe it will be dangerous for your teeth..

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