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The idea of progress

I will talk to you about AIDS the question is "can we cure AIDS and how?

The beginning of HIV

AIDS is a set of symptoms that attack the immune system through HIV. It is a big major problem which caused in all 30 milion deaths in the world but today the technology has evolved on medical levels there are the prevention of the doctors without borders, of effective care against the diseases. Now HIV can be safely treated with the materials necessary for a normal life.

It affects a lot of pregnant women (80 % percent) and men have had a powerful anti - HIV that helps to counter and protect their health and also their baby. We know the risks of transmissions: unprotected sexual intercourse, blood, coughing and other this increases the number of people infected. So to protect ourselves there are precautions to avoid being exposed to the risk factor which is to use female and male condoms, HIV testing and tuberculosis care, etc …

Treatment techniques

Anti-hiv helps suppress, not cure, viral replication in the body and causes the immune system to strengthen and rebuild its ability to fight infections. This anti-hiv will be distributed to affected people recommended by the OMS.

The OMS-recommended drugs are low-dose dolutegravir and efavitant for efavirenz as the first form of intentional therapy and raltegravir and darunavir / ritonavir for the second intentional form of treatment.

Conclusion :

To answer my question we can cure people with HIV by paying attention and respecting the rules of prevention.

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