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Tes erreurs sont les mots qui sont barrés dans ton texte et les corrections sont celles qui sont soulignées en gras. Ton texte est bien écrit et la durée est presque parfaite (4:48 mins). Par contre, certains mots sont mal prononcés.

A l'oral il y a quelques petites erreurs par rapport au texte :

"However, under Louis 50 it became less severe" =} "However, under Louis the 15th it became less severe"

"Homosexuality has always existed, as had homophobia" =} "Homosexuality has always existed,as has homophobia

"…homosexuals was in the 1990 century following the AIDS epidemic" = "…homosexuals grew in the 1990s(nineteen ninties) following the AIDS epidemic"

Attention Ă  la prononciation de certains mots comme : "idea", "defined", "contributes", "illustrate", "society", "analyse", "Roman", "crime", "severe", "remained", "crime", "death", "loud", "hatred", "trivialized", "sidelined", "instead", "considered", "AIDS", "formed", "mentioned", "rights", "such", "the high court of paris", "homophobic remarks", "jumped", "society"

Tu aurais eu environ 9/10, voire 10/10 pour cette partie de l'oral.

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The idea of progress

I am going to talk about the idea of progress. The idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change. It can be a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place. To illustrate my notion, I will talk about the homosexuality to answer the following question : : can we really say that our society is tolerant? To respond to this question, we will analyze the discrimination suffered by homosexual people and the measures taken to support them.


I-Discrimination against homosexuals


1- The outbreak of homosexuality

Homosexuality was tolerated under Roman law. It became a crime punishable by death in the sixth century .Then ,the repression of homosexuality was very firm and violent. Howerer However , under Louis XV it became less severe and judicial morals slowly evolved, but it still remained a crime. In 1750,in Paris, two men were arrested and were the last to be put to death in France for the crime.


2-homosexual discrimination

Homosexuality has always existed, as has homophobia. Today , we think we live in a tolerant society, but it is still difficult to say loud and clear when we see homophobic acts of hatred, which are on the rise. The insulte insults and violence are trivialized because homosexuels are considered strange people who have AIDS and, because of that, they are sidelined. The film "Philadelphia"does not deal directly with homosexuality, but instead deals with a person who has aids and is discriminated against because of his illness. Homosexuality has always been considered as being against nature. Discrimination against homosexuals grew in the 1990s following the AIDS epidemic. Discrimination is a social process which produces inequalities. Now a in our day, mindfulness of this sexual orientation is progressing.


II-the measures taken


1-help the homosexual cause

Now a days Nowadays , there are people who have formed associations like gay pride which helps support and help the people mentioned since the rise of movements for homosexual causes, there has been improvement in not only homosexual rights but also in self-acceptance and in accepting others. Justice also makes it possible to defend their rights in the event of litigation, this being said ,there are still things to do ,such as the rights to homoparenthood that some associations defend. In 2001,the high court of Paris accepted adoption by a homosexual woman for the first time .


III- when is it today What's the situation today


Legislation is moving forward, as are rights, but at the same time, homophobic remarks, insults and attacks are on the increase in France. Physical assaults have jumped by 15%, which represents one assault every three days. Another worrying fact in the report is that homophobic insults and harassment in schools have increased by 38%. Despite a more tolerant society, the hate hatred is still there , but homosexuality is more accepted than in the past thankfully, which helps an evolution in mentality therefore the society's mentality people's mentalities

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