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Tes erreurs sont les mots qui sont barrés dans ton texte et les corrections sont celles qui sont soulignées en gras. Ton texte est assez bien écrit mais il est trop court (3:36 au lieu de 5 mins!) et certains mots sont mal prononcés.

A l'oral il y a quelques petites erreurs par rapport au texte :

"started on June 5, 9081 =} "started on June 5th, 1981

"it has became a normal subject" =} "It has become a normal subject"

//Attention Ă  la prononciation de certains mots comme : "acquired", "HIV", "people", "now", "changed", "thought", "AIDS", "knowledge", "cured", "know"

Il faut bien prononcer les "s" Ă  la 3ème pers. au singulier,…

Tu aurais eu environ 6/10 pour cette partie de l'oral.

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The idea of progress

Is AIDS still taboo in this century?

The AIDS was an epidemic which started on June 5, 1981 among five gay men in Los Angeles. AIDS is an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. It is a set of symptoms that destroys cells of the immune system by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). People were afraid of it at the time because the disease was transmitted by sexual intercourse. It was a very taboo subject but now has that changed we must ask ourselves the question: "has the situation changed?"

In the past, it was difficult to talk about AIDS because the people who had it at the time did not want to talk about it so as not to be rejected. Now if someone has AIDS we don't reject it him/her and we can talk about it because it has become a normal subject without any fear taboos? or fear. Before, it was difficult to talk about it when you had a very good job in a company because you thought it was dangerous for people just by shaking hands and you did not know how it was was transmitting was transmitted. Now, even if you have AIDS, it is not a problem because we know how it is transmitted and we have more knowledge about this health problem, so we can totally shake hands without any danger.

At the time, AIDS was a disease of which we had no knowledge, so many people did not know how we could have it and what it does to the human body. AIDS was a serious problem not of health but for the society. it was a real danger because one shoulden should not be with a person suffering from AIDS.

Now that AIDS is known to medicine, there are people who have been cured of this infection. We get to talk about it because we know what it does to the human body and makes it healthy how to deal with it. We know how to catch it. whether you have it or not is no longer a problem for society.

Indeed AIDS is no longer a taboo because people know the causes and know how not to have to avoid getting it thanks to the means of protection etc. So we can see that it has had a great progression in the great progress has been made over the years on the subject of the AIDS.

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