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Tes erreurs sont les mots qui sont barrés dans ton texte et les corrections sont celles qui sont soulignées en gras. Ton texte est vraiment bien (même s'il y a un grand nombre d'erreurs), la durée est parfaite (4:52 minutes!) et ta présentation orale est tout à fait convenable

Tu aurais eu environ 8/10 pour cette partie de l'oral.

A l'oral il y a quelques petites erreurs par rapport au texte :

Firstly duriring the "18th" =} Firstly duriring the 80’s

when he died in 1900 (one thousand nine hundred) =} when he died in 1900(nineteen hundred)

2000(two thousand) =} 2000s(the years two thousand)

Attention à la prononciation de certains mots comme : "studied", "compare", "until", "icons", "frowned", "proud", "Illonois", "suicide", "Asia", "better"

Appuyez sur le lien ci-dessous pour écouter votre présentation orale sur la notion l'idée de progrès:

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The idea of progress

Today I will speak about the notion "the idea of progress". During this years , we studied learned about the homosexual persons in the USA or the and people who have AIDS but I chose the subject « The homosexual person » . I think it‘s very interesting to compare what the 80’s homosexual person —undergoes has undergone since the 80’s to today in the USA and in France. So has homophobia evolved from the 80’s to today ?


To try to answer at the problematic this key question , firstly I will speak about the homsexual peron during the 80’s and the 90’s and secondly, i will speak about the homosexual person but in the years 2000.


Firstly duriring the 80’s , there was a lot of English singers who were homosexual for example : Freddy Mercury ; George Mickael and others.They were very famous and they were an icons in the world with respect to homosexuality because in the 80’s a homosexual person was frowned upon because all the population think be homosexual it’s everyone thought homosexuality was a sickness or a crime ( for example , in Great Brintain, they were considered like a as criminals ). The 25th of May of 1895 , Oscar Wilde ( an writer) was sentenced to 2 weeks of forced and hard works labour , because he was homosexual and when he died in 1900, he had no a commemoration plaque before the years 2000 because a lot of people were **not proud of him. Moreover they could not to maried get married or kiss in the street because it was very bad badly perceived and they could go to jail for that. In the next century, at the beginning of the century , a French singer his name is Charles Aznavour write wrote a song about the homosexuality (« comme ils disent ») . In the 90’s the homosexuals personn could not live like they want as they wanted and above all, they could not assume their sexual orientation. They had to stay hidden. If anyone saw them, they could go in to jail , or they were being harassed and some suffered discrimination.

To finish with this part , the state of Pennsylvania abolished the law about the death penalty for homosexuality and in 1962 , the state of Illonois decriminalize the decriminalized homosexuality.


Secondly, in the year 2000 the homosexual person people suffered a lot of humiliation and a lot of violence it’s for that **reason that, George Mickael committed sucide il ne s'est pas suicidé! died very young at the age of 53 in 2016 and it was not only him, there were a lot of personn people but they were not especially famous. Lots of singers like the group Bronski Beat who wrote « Smalltown Boy write a sang songs to figth against the homophobia . At In July of 2003 , there was an association yaht was fromed for that was founded so that homosexual people can come and could speak, exchange and listen with to other homosexual people , the name of the assocation is LGBT. During this century , there were many songs about this subject like in 2012, Mylène Farmer, a French woman, sang « elle a dit » or like Angèle, another French singer who sang « ta reine » in 2018 and a lot of other songs . All this saong these songs are famous in all over the world and helped a lot of personn people . There was a date very important date for the homosexual personn people in France, at the 17th of may in 2013. On that day there was a law for the same sex marriage for all the person ( a boy with a boy for example) and for in the USA , at it was on the 26 th of June in 2015 ( before this date , the homosexual person people could not get married with their partners) but now , there was are some continents who doesn’t that don't accept the mariage for all like Asia. In the world thre was have been a lot of attacks against te homosexuality. I will take the example of the attack at in Orlando at on the 12th of June in 2016 where a nightclub with homosexuals was attacked and there wre were 49 dead.

To finish with the last part , there is a celebration day every the 17th of May , this day it’s is to fight against homophobia with speeches, marched marches , shows ect…


To conclue with conclude the notion idea of progress , there were has been a lot of violence about the linked to homophobia during over the years but now they have more rights tah than before but in about 70 country countries , be being homosexual it’s again is still considered as a crime . I think we must let people have the sexual orietation they want because we are free to love whoever we want and to marry whoever we want too. We can be not we had to disagree but we should not kill so far Je n'ai pas compris cette partie de la phrase . All the terrorsit actions are horrible and useless.

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