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Tes erreurs sont les mots qui sont barrés dans ton texte et les corrections sont celles qui sont soulignées en gras. (et il y en a pas mal!). Ton texte est bien écrit et le temps/durée est presque parfait (4:42).

Tu aurais eu 7/10 ou 8/10 pour cette partie de l'oral.

A l'oral il y a quelques petites erreurs par rapport au texte :

"To be able to answer to this question— =} To be able to answer this question

"a lot of problems encountering with this desease =} a lot of problems encountered with this desease

"Christopher Davis =} Christopher Davis

some mentalities are evolving and it's the right direction =} some mentalities are evolving and in the right direction

Attention Ă  la prononciation de certains mots comme : "considered", "talk", "face", "lawyer", "suit", "learn", "kind", "inhuman", "soon", "surely"

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The idea of progress

How is the acceptance of aids evolving ?


To be able to answer this question, we can say there are a lo lot of problems encountered with this desease. Indeed this the infected person can be rejected because of her the disease or this person can hide the disease because of fear to be of being rejected. How was consided this disease was considered in the past will be my first part and also how is it is considered nowadays. And in the second part, I will talk about how it’s accepted today. And to be able to conclude in the face of I'll answer the problem question.


On the first one hand we can talk about the past. The mentalities weren't the same. Indeed, in the extract fired, by Christopher Davis in 1993 from the philadelphia movie, the main character has been fired because of his desease. It is completly unfair becaue because he is a great lawyer and he excels in his field. It is a form of discrimination and not a reason for a dismissal. Then a lawsuit starts because he has defends his rights. It is a real fight. He find a lawyer to defend his rights*. We learn at the end of the movie that he won his trial but he dies before **just after the end of the trial. So we can say that this kind of attitude is inhuman and it can destroy a person. This person has to deal with the disease and deals also deal with the attitude of unfair people. So, we can say that before because someone who has Aids, is directly he can be rejected, and loses their lose his job. Is it inhuman to do this and it can destroy a person, already that it is not easy for him to have this disease as it is.


On the other hand. We will talk about the acceptanceof aids nowadays. The attitude regarding the desease is better but still complicated and unfair. People are less rejected. There is a patient who was treated AND healed it recently and this is incredible. Especially a few years ago, they would never have seen thought that it was possible. Therefore, medical advances are being made every to treat the sick. And they may soon to have a real vaccine. Moreover, you can’t just grab catch it by shaking hands with someone with who has it. It is not the most contagious disease, but it is surely the one that people are most afraid of. Because, it shortens our lifespan. In any case, some mentalities are evolving and in the right direction. Which is a very good thing.


To conclude on the question asked. It evolves of course, but very slowly.

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