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The idea of progress

To introduce the notion of "idea of progress", I have chosen to work on two subjects that are still being debated in 2020. AIDS first, then homosexuality to understand and try to bring these two social problems together or away from them. Confus + attention, l'homosexualité n'est pas un problème social !

AIDS and homosexuality; different subjects or equivalent?

In the 1990s, AIDS was a disease where the modes of transmission were not known, so people were fleeing from infected people , would not shake hands with them , and touch each other or touch them.

Today we know the modes of transmission, there are treatments to limit the impact of the disease but mentalities are not or still not very advanced.

We are no longer "afraid" of the disease but more and more people are forgetting what it can cause as a result of being tested positive. Over the years a certain "laxity" has appeared.

In the same years as AIDS confus, homosexuality was considered a mental illness. Some countries condemn these relationships through prison terms, forced labor or even torture. Homosexuality was judged a long time agon by the death penalty.

But years have passed, and several states have passed legislation protecting them from discrimination based on sexual orientation, or legalization of marriage for same-sex couples.

The laws recognize same-sex couples, but the couples are limited since the day they will be able to hold hands or kiss freely on the streets and in the parks are is not scheduled for tomorrow.

AIDS and homosexuality are two different subjects since one advances with the sciences scientific progress and the other with the laws of the governments of the various countries. But these two subjects are both linked to one and the same problem, mentality mentalities.

"science advances faster than mentalities"

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