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Tes erreurs sont les mots qui sont barrés dans ton texte et les corrections sont celles qui sont soulignées en gras. Ton texte est vraiment bien même s'il est un peu court (4:17 minutes au lieu de 5 minutes!) et ta présentation orale est tout à fait convenable

Tu aurais eu 7/10 ou 8/10 pour cette partie de l'oral.

A l'oral il y a quelques petites erreurs par rapport au texte :

"my problematic is" =} "My problem-question is" or "My key question is",

"To introduce this development, I will do a development in 3 parts =} "To be able to answer my problem-question, I will present my text in three parts"",

"are no longer judge" =} "are no longer judged"

Attention Ă  la prononciation de certains mots comme : "immunodeficiency", "blood", "mitigated"

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The idea of progress

How did people react knowing that a person was affected by AIDS in the past as opposed to today?


To be able to answer my problem question that is explained above, I will do a development present my text in three parts. First of all, I’m going to talk about this syndrome, then I’m going to talk about people’s reaction to AIDS in the past, and finally I’m going to talk about the reactions to AIDS in the present.


AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a set of symptoms resulting from the destruction of immune system cells caused by HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). It should be noted that AIDS generally affects gay, bisexual people……. HIV can be transmitted in different ways, it can be transmitted during sex or when the blood of a person with the virus touches comes in contact with the blood of a healthy person… A person may have HIV in their his or her body but may not have develop AIDS if they are he or she is on treatment (triple therapy), which can block certain stages of HIV.

II- AIDS in the past

People who had AIDS in the past were not very well accepted. Indeed they were seen as people who should not be around. We did not yet know all the symptoms of this disease or how it was transmitted, so people were afraid. People didn’t want to shake their hands with them, defend them in court….

III- AIDS today

It can be said that the virus is today a disease that can be cured but that will not disappear, as I could say said above there are treatments (triple therapy). Today, people with AIDS are no longer judged or otherwise. The disease is still difficult to accept but now we know all the symptoms of this disease, we know how it can be transmitted (sexual intercourse, syringes, contact of healthy blood to with contaminated blood…). So a maximum of precautions are taken to avoid the spread of this disease.

IV- Conclusion

Finally, there has been an improvement so that people are no longer afraid of the virus thanks to the screening that allows us to know whether we are carriers or not, we know how AIDS is transmitted and that it is a disease that can be mitigated through some treatments.

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