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The idea of progress

Today I'm going to introduce the following concept: "Idea of progress". The subject I have chosen for this notion is AIDS. Indeed, this is a subject that has been talked about a lot during the past two centuries. It appeared in 1908 in the Congo. AIDS is a very serious illness of viral origin, characterized by a sudden fall in the body's immune defenses. In addition, it acts on a global level. AIDS is the 6th deadly cause cause of death in the world. Each year, it kills many people and affects millions of citizens. In 2018, it killed more than 770,000 people and affected more than 37 million people.

We will therefore wonder about the disease, while discovering how individuals are informed about it.

First, we will discuss the disease. Then we will see what are the devices, actions implemented to inform citizens in France.

Nowadays, we may hear the term "AIDS" or even "HIV", but do we really know what it means?

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a human retrovirus that weakens the immune system of the infected person. It is transmitted sexually or through the blood. There is also vertical transmission from mother to child. During this infection, 15 days after the contamination of this pathology, certain signs may appear temporarily such as fever, rash, fatigue or diarrhea. The infection can remain asymptomatic for several years and in this case only a serological test, which detects in the blood the presence of antibodies directed against the virus, can diagnose the infection. The person is HIV positive cette phrase est achevée . Immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is the advanced stage of HIV infection and corresponds to the appearance of an opportunistic pathology linked to the weakening of the immune system. This can also occur after 10 to 15 years after infection.

This disease affects a large number of individuals, in fact, it does not have a target population. However, we can see that some communities are more affected than others. Indeed, we can notice that gay, bisexual, transsexual men and men who have sex with other men; people who inject drugs or indigenous peoples are the communities most affected.

Since the start of the epidemic 32.0 million people have died from AIDS-related illnesses compared to 74.9 million people infected with HIV.

We are therefore going to focus on the systems and actions implemented to reduce the mortality from this pathology.

Since the start of the epidemic, millions of people have died, this is due to a lack of prevention, awareness …

In France, several systems and actions have been put in place to combat this pathology.

First, we can find awareness actions. Indeed, we can see that in France several associations have been created like Act Up or AIDES. These are militant associations, which carry out information, prevention, support or even mobilization actions. We can also find Sidaction, this designates an association to fight against HIV / AIDS but also an annual television event for collecting donations in order to finance research programs and associations for helping the sick and prevention, in France and internationally. In addition, World AIDS Day, or World AIDS Day , is an international day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic. It is organized every December 1st.

Finally, we can find many means of prevention. The first way is the condom, which protects against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections during sex. It is intended for the use of HIV-negative and HIV-positive people. Screening is the only way to diagnose HIV infection. If this is positive, the patient will be able to benefit from appropriate treatment and treatment that will block the progression of the infection to the AIDS stage. It will also reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. Finally, there are two other means of prevention, but the existence of which is very little known. Indeed, there is PrEP, which is a strategy to reduce the risk of contracting HIV based on the use of an antiretroviral drug. Then we can find PEP, which is an emergency treatment that needs to be taken quickly after exposure to HIV. This preventive measure greatly reduces the risk of infection contamination without eliminating it. It must be administered within 4 hours of exposure, up to 48 hours.

Despite all these measures, actions implemented, AIDS continues to claim victims around the world.

We can conclude from this that AIDS is a pathology that takes a huge number of victims and that it has no target population, so it affects everyone. The increase in the number of screening, it evolves each year while the diagnoses of HIV and AIDS are decreasing due to prevention and awareness made by associations or even international days.

Despite all these developments, there is still progress to be made in order to ensure that this pathology does not make any more victims.

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