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Tu n'as pas présenté ce texte à l'oral, c'est très dommage car il est assez bien écrit. Tes erreurs sont les mots qui sont barrés dans ton texte et les corrections sont celles qui sont soulignées en gras.

The idea of progress

Introduction :

Today i going I'm to talk about the notion idea of progress. This notion evoked evokes the progress is the idea that the world Je n'ai pas compris la fin de cette phrase.

To introduce the subjet, we will give the defintion of the AIDS.

AIDS is a serious disease of viral origine, characterized by a sudden drop in immune defenses. Over 30 years, French researchers discored discovered the AIDS virus. For years Since then, the world finds out the first cass has found out about the first cases and discoveries of researchers, up to the present day and current research is bringing hope. So we are going to ask ourselves how has the vision of AIDS evolved in society. We are beging will begin with the vision of the AIDS in the World in the past and finally the vision of the AIDS nowadays .

I- .The disease was associated as with homosexuals

Only homosexual can s could be infected about by the mortal virus. Some doctors who was were researching on this unknown virus got kicked out of their hospitals because they were victims of immoral remarks by their colleagues and employers. In the late 80s and early 90s, the times were morbid, many deaths are were recorded. The 90s are black were dark years. The tainted blood scandal breaks broke out.

II- .Nowadays, prevention was is multiple. Very so much posterThere are so many posters about the prevention. If the condom remains an effective weapon to protect onself from AIDS, the adhenrence to triple therapy has enabled HIV-positive people to have undetectable viral loads and to considerably reduce the transmission of the virus. The other prevention is screening. But a treatment was also found since in 1996. There are also several associations that have been created as Act Up for exemple example.

For To conclude, that mentalities towards AIDS have evolved positively since it is no longer associated with homosexuals but this it s not completely accomplished mal dit . Currently in France, 30,000 people are unaware of their HIV status. Today there are 35 millions million people are infected about with the disease.

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