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Tes erreurs sont les mots qui sont barrés dans ton texte et les corrections sont celles qui sont soulignées en gras. Ton texte est assez bien mais il est un peu court (4:04 minutes au lieu de 5!) et ton oral est correct.

Tu aurais eu environ 7/10 pour cette partie de l'oral.

A l'oral il y a quelques petites erreurs par rapport au texte :

"because in the 18 AID was scary" =} "because in the 80s(eighties) AIDS was scary"

"Currently this disease is better study" =} "Currently this disease is better studied"

Attention à la prononciation de certains mots comme : "question", "scientific", "lawyer", "AIDs, "know", "disease", "HIV", "blood", "library", "even", "feels", "dismissal", "regarding", "instead", "law suit", "unfair", "studied", "nowadays", "thanks"

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Idea of progress

To begin with the notion of idea of progress and I will try to answer the problem question is : What were the difficulties in the movie Philadelphia ?

On a the one hand the idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place.

We will first see the difficulties related to his this illness and then on the other hand the difficulties towards the discrimination of his based on sexual orientation

In the movie Philadelphia the first character Andrew Beckett a brilliant and ambitious young lawyer, has just been fired from Wyant, Wheeler because he has AIDS.

Indeed, in this movie Andrew finds out he has AIDS and he will know that at one point he will give up and that he will no longer be in this world because in the 80s AIDS was scary a death sentence .

The whole world including the doctors didn't know all the exact symptoms and everyone's reaction was verbal abuse.

This disease which is caused by a collapse of the immune system after exposure to the HIV virus, and which is transmitted by blood or sex.

Andrew Beckett suffers from all kind of public exclusions, that is to say in public places (in library libraries, bars, cafes, parks , cinemas) because for them it he has the symptoms of AIDS and they are all afraid of catching it even by touching or looking at it him . This disease is more and more noticeable and internally he feels excluded from the society.

So he decided to hire a lawyer Mr. McDermott to help him against his dismissal.

Subsequently we discover that Andrew Beckett receives homophobic remarks regarding his sexual orientation and it will drive him crazy.

Indeed some men think that it is him who can give it to everyone, and therefore do not want any sexual relations contact with him and were are afraid instead of protecting himself him and give him homophobic and racist insults in verse this disease Je n'ai pas compris la fin de cette phrase .

To conclude the fact that you have AIDS should not mean that you have to receive a hatred of and discrimination. On the contrary, you have to accompany the sick person and support them him. what Andrew's lawyer won the lawsuit against his unfair dismissal but Andrew died before has done just after and who thanks to him has his lawyer, he won the lawsuit against the directors of the law firm.

Currently this disease is better studied and many preventive actions have been carried out to prevent the risks of this very important disease.

This decision was important for other people who had the same kind of dismissal.

Nowadays this desease in better known by the society and you can leave live a normal life with this desease thanks to a good treatment.

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