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Pringles Can Rocket Fuel


For this experiment you need to got:

  • 2 boxes of pringels OUT OF DATE
  • 2 balls which will be connected to the boxes thanks to a pipe
  • A blowtorch

Protective equipment required:

  • Blouse
  • protective visor
  • But the essentiel is …Be in an space location and secure

How it's works?

There is a small hole in the top (really the bottom) of the box where the hydrogen is pumped into the cans at the bottom of the can.
Once the flame is lit, the hydrogen burns and air (with oxygen) enters through the lower hole.


Infact, inside most of the large rockets there is a supply of hydrogen and oxygen. And the mixture of the two will create an explosion with an enormous amount of energy.
So,it creates an explosion with a huge amount of energy. In rockets, this energy brings the rocket into space. In our little demonstration here, he puts the Pringles box on the ceiling.

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