Sign up

Here is the procedure in English for signing up and becoming a member of our wikidot website "Jean Moulin & Carolus Clusius Colllege Website". Please following all the steps carefully, otherwise it won't work !

Step 1 -

Go to the main page of this website :
click on "Create account" which can be found in the top right-hand corner of the main page, just beside "Sign in". A new window will open.
Then fill in all the blanks with the information requested.
1) "Your name or alias:" Write your first name ONLY in small letters followed by the first letter of your family name avoiding to leave any spaces between the letters- for instance, for John Walsh, you must write "johnw" or for Martin Jones, you have to write "martinj" - To remain anonymous, it is forbidden to use any usename other than your first name in small letters followed by the first letter of your family name
2) Then, type " your e-mail address:"
3) You must then choose English as your " Your preferred language:"
4) Now you'll have to come up with a password using small letters and avoiding to use accents. Re-enter the same password: "
NB ! You need to note down your password and keep it in a safe place to avoid any embarrassing consequences.
5) Lastly, you'll have to type the text displayed below "Enter this text:". Don't forget to leave a space between the 2 words !

Step 2 -

Now you should close all open windows before opening the e-mail Wikidot has sent you in your mail box. You must open this mail less than 48 hours after receiving it, otherwise the link will be no longer valid. After you open the mail in question you should click on the link written somewhere in the middle of mail and a new window will open. In the new window you should see your username in the top right-hand corner of the main page and right beside it you should see "My account" followed by (1) and a little arrow. Click on the little arrow. If nothing happens, click first on "My account", then on the little arrow & you should see the following list: Activity, Messages (1), Sites, Settings, Upgrade, Sign out. Click on "Sign out".

Step 3 -

Open your usual mail box (gmail/hotmail/yahoo/etc) and send me an e-mail at this address rf.evil|oderfarf#rf.evil|oderfarf .
with :
1) your first & last name 2) your class 3) your username (example "johnw")
I'll send you an invitation straightaway for you to become a member of our site. Keep a watchful eye on your usual mail box (gmail, hotmail, etc) to see if you have a message waiting for you from wikidot. The mail will inform you that you have a message waiting for you on wikidot and provide you with a link that will bring you straight to wikidot. To consult your mail on wikidot you must first sign in, then in the top right-hand corner of the main page (just beside your usename) click on (1) after "My account". Open the message & click on "accept invitation". That's it ! You are now a member of "Jean Moulin & Carolus Clusius Colllege Website"

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