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Your project was ok. However, you should have made it much more "personal". I know you carried out some research to do the work on this project but your texts should be entirely written by yourself and not "taken" directly from some website or written by someone who speaks perfect English !The objective is that you learn how to write YOUR OWN TEXT by summarizing information you have found on the internet. I'm sorry to say that your project doesn't fully correspond to this objective!

Your mark is 11/20



The coronaviruses were discovered in the 1960s. The first discovered were those of infectious chicken bronchitis, then two viruses of the nasal cavities of human patients with colds, then named a human coronavirus named 229E and the human coronavirus OC43.
Seven types of coronavirus commonly infect humans, 7 four of which are not serious and three of which cause serious infections.
Serious infections are caused by coronaviruses which are not found naturally in humans but which are usually found in mammals such as bats. These infections are infections of the lungs responsible for viral pneumonia manifesting in the form of an epidemic:

-the first in 2003 which triggered a global alert by the WHO. The name of the disease is severe acute respiratory syndrome linked to the coronavirus. This epidemic began in China. The beginning of this epidemic was the consumption of a wild animal in a Chinese restaurant: the masked palm civet. This disease, which killed around 10% of those affected, or 774, is considered to be eradicated.

-the second in 2012. It started in Saudi Arabia and was named Middle East respiratory syndrome. This disease was triggered by the consumption of camel milk. Its mortality rate was 35%. Only 449 people died as a result of the infection due to the small number of affected infected individuals. This disease still exists because to be able to eradicate it, it would be necessary that the populations using camels no longer use them.

-the last in 2019. this is the disease called coronavirus disease 2019 or Covid-19. The origin of the disease is not sure although it is believed that the consumption of pangolin meat could be the origin (virus whose most serious initial origin would be that of bats, carriers of the virus , locked up and sold for consumption in China).



We will no longer talk about Covid-19, the coronavirus that has infected more than 70.000 people. He It took us to stage 3 of the epidemic, which never happened in the 5th republic. Schools, colleges and universities are closed, and the French population, like the Italians and Chinese, are asked to stay at home. But some countries like England do not think that this is the right solution and therefore let natural selection do this, that is to say that they are not fighting against the epidemic and who they let their population die so that 'it leaves only those who survive, so the strongest.

Human-to-human transmission of coronaviruses is believed to occur primarily through close contact with a patient, inhalation of microdroplets, or sneezing, coughing, or speaking loudly or shouting.
To date, no vaccine or antiviral drugs are available.


The first clinical signs appear less than 24 hours after infection: loss of appetite, fever, rapid breathing, cough, goosebumps, bent posture. People with the new coronavirus have a serious infection of the lower respiratory tract, the lungs, which can lead to pneumonia. They cough a lot and have a fever.

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