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Excellent as I can't think of a better word. You even managed to teach me a thing or two about memes! You really deserve 20/20 !

Why memes are gonna save the world ?

Because it's they're good!

So what is a meme ?

A meme is something cool like this :


If you have questions put it in comments😉

Thanks for reading and have a good quarantine.

It was a joke. lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm so funny ^_^

First why did I do my blog on internet memes ?

Because I'm not really concerned by society social problems. I like animals like everyone but I don't care about veganism, my only health problem is a pollen allergy, I've never been harassed and inversly and I can continue like this for a long time. So I prefer do something at first glance not interesting but at on a subject I like.

So what is a meme ?

Basically a meme is a video, an image or even a sound which is considered as funny or just cool by the GEEK peoples who spend a lot of time on internet and who have a better time on internet than in real life AND YES I ASSUME IT, YOU WANT TO FIGHT ZA U HNjfsd nfhbgndvjnbh

Hmm sorry.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary a meme in his its general sense is a cultural element which is transmited from one individual to another by imitation or by other non-genetic ways.
For the interest of a meme is like some tv program (smaller of course) the goal of a meme is to entertain you, to make you happy.
So a blank meme isn't funny but what people do of with this meme is fun. A small exemple example of it :


As you can see this image isn't really fun funny .There a house in on fire and that's a bit sad but if you add some text :


Here it's better and the good point with a meme, a meme is like a stencil and there is no copyright or something else memes are the internet culture, nobody will make you a trial sue you for using the French flag with memes, it is the same.
This is what you also can do that :


There is a too much meme are too many memes and, therefore, it would be impossible to list each of them, so….

My top 6 favorites memes are:

I really wanted to put videos memes (because yes it exists they exist) but as the videos were prohibited I had to put them in GIFs
Tips : For the first meme below(Number 1) you need to CTRL + left click on the GIF to see them

That's all…

And the order isn't a preference order

That's all…

Number 1:

The Nezuko run comes from the anime Demon Slayer where the little Nezuko need s to run for her life
With the Nezuko run you can do things like this

Number 2:

The Bongo cat is an animated picture created on tumblr
With Bongo cat people s did thing like that do things like this :

Number 3:

This girl is an anime animated character named Chika Fujiwara from Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai - Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
(that's a long name) and she is also a meme machine each time she appears her face is a meme, on this one there is not a lot of montage editing but I really like all of these

Number 4:

The next one is not one of my favorites but he is a monument of it is monumental on the internet, and because Nolann really likes it, I gonna show you RICARDO MILOS :
So Ricardo is a Brazilian model who be is famous with because of a dance posted on the internet for and to list his memes I would need to spend 3000 years. The ricardos memes are with a lot of video montage editing like this wich which is one of the best :
In this one you can see memes can be mixed together.

Number 5:

This is a nyan cat
I really need to explain it…

Number 6:

The number 6 is not a video because THIS IS THE INTERNET FLAG
The number 6 is the most famous meme of every times all time
The number 6 is
The Trollface is a rage comic character wearing a mischievous smile that is meant to represent the facial expression of an Internet troll.
There is a lot of declination of the Trollface like below
The first sighting of the Trollface date of dates back to January 2007 and since the Trollface is the symbol of internet jokes.
And it's the meme appropriate meme because indeed this page is a huge troll.

Thanks for reading and have a good quarantine.

Ne pas supprimer SVP

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