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Ebola virus

the stats of ebola


Ebola virus disease (EVD), or simply Ebola, spreads through by body fluids. he It has an R0 of 1.3 to 2.

it sinifies This means that a sick person will transmit the disease to approximately 2 people.

According to WHO, Ebola would have made has killed about 15,000 dead since 1976. The virus has experienced more outbreaks There have been a lot of outbreaks of the virus where the fatality rate varies from 25% to 90% making it one of the most mortel diseases in the world.

historical Past history


the first person to have seen the virus under the microscope is Peter Piot in 1976. it is as grance It is thanks to him as that the disease disappeared with Zaire from Zaire thanks to this scientist. At the beginning of the 21st century the virus reappears reappeared in drc in cabon Gabon and Congo where epidemics are were contained in small outbreaks. but However, in 2014 a new epidemic set off again in Guinea, fortunately also maintained managed to control its spread. In 2019 the European Commission authorizes authorized the marketing of a vaccine which works from the first injection. those who sinifies Hopefully this may be mean the end of this deadly virus

Ne pas supprimer SVP

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