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Your project was interesting with hardly any mistakes in the texts. However, you should have made it more "personal". I know you spent a lot of time trying to organize this page but your texts should be entirely written by yourself and not "taken" directly from some website or written by someone who speaks perfect English !

Your mark is 12/20

Welcome everybody

I will introduce you my favorite series in the Shōnen. She presumes One Piece Mal dit/confus.


One piece is about piracy, friendship and freedom. It is a manga created by Eiichiro Oda and released on 22 July 1997. It is still in progress and is currently composed of 95 volumes. The first broadcast of the animated video is on 20 October 1999 and is therefore still in progress. It consists for the moment of about 925 episodes of 20 minutes which, all weekends increases every weekend, is accompanied by the release of a new book and a new episode.



The story follows the adventures of Monkey.D.Luffy, a 17-year-old boy who after eating a demon fruit acquired the properties of this one of it. This fruit of the demon is the Gomu Gomu no Mi (see on other the website the definition). His crew of pirates, called "the crew of Straw Hat", by the fact that Luffy the captain possesses him wears a straw hat that was entrusted to him by a great pirate named Shanks the redhead. Luffy has to give it back the next time he meets again, when Luffy becomes a great pirate. Its purpose is to train a powerful crew and amitier Je n'ai pas compris ce mot to find the fabulous treasures of the pirate kings, Gold.D.Roger, who died 22 years ago by his execution after being executed and annotated given the greatest treasures that all pirates are looking for, the "ONE PIECE". But after 22 years, many pirates have given up, some wondering if this fabulous treasure exists in reality. Even though pirates are still a threat to the inhabitants of his this fictional world, the Navy, a kind of justice has become more effective in countering their attacks on the 4 seas of his worlds this world: East blue, North Blue, West blue and South blue.

Yet this change did not deter the young Monkey.D.Luffy from going on an adventure and becoming him the king of pirates, the successor of the legendary Gold.D.Roger. It will first create First, a crew was gathered together of 9 members (Nakamas) to join the Grand Line Sea, where the "great wave of piracy is located",and where many great names of piracy are in pursuit of the ONE PIECE, supposed to be on the last island of this great sea, Raftel (Rough Tell).

Luffy embarks on the adventure after meeting Shanks the Roux, the captain of a pirate ship who spent a year in his village and rescued him from a sea monster by sacrificing his left arm. Since then, Luffy has worn his straw hat that he gave her to mark the promise of becoming a great pirate. This hat will become the symbol of his crew. It is at this time that he eats a fruit of the demon that Shanks held was holding: the fruit of Gum Gum, and that makes his ones body elastic. The fruits of the Devil once eaten gives special abilities to their holder, who loses all his strength at the same time when immersed in sea water. Luffy and his crew will make numerous meetings that will strengthen their friendship and expand their crews. But they will have to confront the pirate crews advocating violence and powers, as well as the Navy and its soldiers, guarantors of justice.


One Piece has its own universe and features a multitude of heterogeneous characters. The author gives special attention to the personality, physical appearance and history of his characters, even secondary ones. Several groups stand out.

First the pirates, scattered all over the world, they are of all levels and each have their own crews. Some pirates have crews of a few men, others own entire fleets, they are often sought after and their heads put at a price, the sum of their premium defines their level of danger for the navy and the world government. Then the navy has a hierarchical organization. It’s run by the admirals, and its mission is to protect peace and civilians. She C'est qui? makes it a point to prosecute and lock up the pirates. The relationship between the navy and the pirates, although conflicting, is far from being manichean. Apart from pirates and the Navy evolve other characters, we can note for example bounty hunters, they are also in pursuit of pirates and capture them to receive the bounty paid by the Navy.

The story follows mainly the Crew of Straw Hat, led by its captain Monkey D. Luffy, whose dream is to become the King of Pirates. He is later joined by the swordsman with three swords Roronoa Zoro who nurtures the dream of becoming the best swordsman in the world, the cowardly sniper Usopp, the gallant cook Sanji who wants to discover All Blue, the navigator Nami expert in cartography and meteorology, who wants to map the world, the reindeer having eaten the fruit of the human Tony-Tony Chopper, the historian who wants to decipher the Rio Poneglyph, Nico Robin, having eaten the fruit of the hatching (which allows him to hatch every part of his body where she wishes), cyborg engineer Franky and resurrected pirate musician as a walking skeleton, Brook, having eaten the fruit of the resurrection.


The world of One Piece is essentially marine. It is a planet divided into four oceans by a mountainous continent (Red Line) connecting the two poles and an equatorial ocean, like a cross. Five oceans are enumerated there including East Blue (where the adventure of Luffy begins and it is first companion), North Blue, West Blue, South Blue and Grand Line (also called The Road of All Perils; which is itself divided into two parts by Red Line: the second part bearing the name of New World), the equatorial ocean. Grand Line itself is surrounded by two maritime zones called “Calm Belt”: in these windless zones, the Kings of the Seas, giant sea monsters, reside. It is almost impossible to reach Grand Line from one of the four oceans because of these two natural belts.

Grand Line is an atypical ocean (delimited not by land, but by the Calm belts) that goes around the world at the level of the equator. The easiest way to get there is a mountain (Reverse Mountain) which is located on Red Line. Its climate is very variable like snowstorms and heat waves that can follow without apparent logic. In addition, there are fearsome sea monsters living there, making it impossible to navigate without sea granite, which is a material that the navy possesses enormously and uses to build their ships. It is at the «end» of a big line, on the island of Rough-Tell, that the Lord of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger, would have hidden the One Piece, making it the most dangerous ocean in the world because of the fearsome pirates and the Navy. Many islands dot this sea with very different environments and architectures, always because of the unstable climate. For example, Drum is a northern island, Alabasta, right next door, is an arid and desert kingdom and Water Seven is inspired by Venice. It should be noted that no compass can operate on Grand Line, and that the only viable means of navigation is what is called a Log Pose: the latter always indicates the next closest island on the road. It is therefore impossible, in any case difficult, to choose one’s route, except thanks to another kind of Log pose, the Eternal poses which, unlike the other, indicates only one island.


Apart from its living conditions, it is above all its inhabitants who make this sea so dangerous. In fact, three groups dominate it: first the World Government, whose strength is based on the Navy, then the four Emperors of the New World (Yonkou in Japanese), very famous and powerful pirates including Blackbeard, Shanks the Roux, Kaido, Big Mom, and formerly White Beard and finally the seven Great Privateers (Shichibukai) who were powerful pirates who had contracted an immunity/no aggression agreement with the Navy before the abolition of order, causing an imbalance between the Three Great Powers. The balance of power being almost identical, these «powers» share Grand Line in two: the first part for the Navy and the Privateers and the second (called the New World, or Shin Sekai) for the four Emperors.


Here is the end of my project which was on One Piece. My favourite manga prefers and I hope you enjoyed reading it.
I didn’t tell everything because I was afraid to spoil it because as maybe after reading it, you’d want to watch it or read it.
If you want to look at it or read it tell me in a comment and I’ll send you some very easy-to-access sites.

Thank you for paying your attention.


Ne pas supprimer SVP

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