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presentation of the virus

II subject about dengue

My topic is on Dengue fever

The dengue Dengue fever or tropical flu is a virus of the family of flavivirus ( Zika , yellow fever … )

Dengue is transmitted by arthropods ( tiger mosquito , mosquito … )

It exist 4 types of virus exist ( each virus had one an immunity ) , if you have 1 of these 4 virus viruses you are immune to the one you had

If you have get it a second time the dengue with an other type of the virus you have are 10 times more likely to have get a severe case

You can find the Dengue fever in the south east of the Asia , if you go in to south east of asia you need to screen use screening products to avoid getting the disease


per year between 50 and 100million of people are infected by the dengue Dengue fever every year

The symptoms** of the virus**

At the begining of the disease —the dengue manifests as a symptom the symptoms of the dengue are:

a high fever , muscle pain , headache , nausea , vomitings


Afer the begining beginning other symptom arrive are visible :

measles-like rash , some bleeding from the skin

in general the Dengue fever begins to heal after 5-6 days

in the majority of cases the Dengue **fever is not dangerous ( 50%-90% of the time ) but if its a dangerous this form, it can lead to bleeding complications or shock

The treatment

currently it doesn't exist a there is no treatment or a vaccin against the Dengue fever,

Treatment is symptomatic, intended to fight pain and fever

The only things to prevent the Dengue fever is to protect from mosquito es and screen use some screening products against the disease

Ne pas supprimer SVP

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