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Virus description

Formerly biologists and virologists did not imagine that a virus could out-compete a bacterium in size, the discovery of the viral nature of an Acanthamoeba polyphaga parasite would take more than ten years. Until 2012, Mimivirus was the fourth largest known virus .The first being the Ebola virus (which can exceed 1,000 nm in length), Mamavirus, and Megavirus chilensis. In 2013, a team of researchers in Marseilles discovered Pandoraviruses, two viruses that are even larger and genetically more complex than some bacteria who which are in Chili and Australian ocean Mal dit. Confus!. Besides all its specificities, Mimivirus tends to confirm certain aspects of André Lwoff's definition of a virus, notably the absence of a ribosome and its proteins and the inability to divide 10. Its mode of replication involves a phagocytosis of the virion, then after an eclypse phase the establishment of a virion factory.

Virus capacity

Its role as an agent of pneumonia in humans was reported after a laboratory technician was contaminated. 12 An experimental model showed that it could cause pneumonia in mice.

Post discovery

After discover discovering this virus the scientists found an other thing on virus in August 2008 of a new type of virus, nicknamed Sputnik. Sputnik has the particularity of not being able to infect cells, which makes it unable to multiply by the only method then known in viruses. To complete its replication cycle, Sputnik infects a particularly large form of Mimivirus, known as Mamavirus, and diverts the cellular machinery like this host cell .

As a result, Mimivirus is nicknamed a virophage, which means that it infects other viruses in order to replicate itself.

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