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My name is Marius and today I'm going to talk about skateboard skateboarding , his my lifestyle and the main stages of his stories mal dit/confus.

In the early 1950s, surfing was the source marked the beginning of skateboarding. Surfers have had the idea of transferring the feeling of riding waves in the streets to defy the weather when the swell is was not at the top. These guys were rightly called "asphalt surfers". Skateboarding is developed on two emblematic spots: California and Hawaii. They then use used small surfboards and wheels made of metal without rolling wheels. At the end of the 1950s, skateboarding experienced a first peak. In this post-war period, the US economy is was booming and this is was also affecting the economy. In 1959, Roller Derby released the first skateboard with technical innovations. Thus, the parameters for driving are were improved. For this reason, skateboarders can could develop new movements and tricks.


In 1962, the "Val-Surf" surf shop in Hollywood sold the first self-produced skateboards. These boards offer offered a very surf board shape and roller skates, and are were sold as a complete set. The same year, Patterson Forbes developed the first boards produced industrially with more developed trucks. In 1963, Surf Guide Magazine editor Larry Stevenson released the first skateboard ad in a magazine. The clothing industry is was also increasingly specializing in skateboarding. Vans, one of the most famous skateboard brands, was created in 1966. Since that day, Vans has supported skaters around the world. Specialized companies such as Vans, Etnies, Converse and DC Shoes have also developed and manufactured footwear and streetwear dedicated to skateboarding.


In the mid-1970s, skateboarding arrived in Germany and in France. American soldiers brought the trend with them and in 1976 Munich became the center of German skateboarding. In Munich Neuperlach, the first skatepark is was built, the first magazines arrive arrived soon after and in 1978 the first German skate championships are were held in Munich.

All the different riders, each with their own style, improve improved the tricks. Skate gear is started growing more and more: shapes change changed , boards get got wider, with more concave and they now have had a tail and a nose.

And then in 1978, Alan Gelfand invented a figure which will would completely revolutionize skateboarding: the Ollie, which is among the greatest tricks ever invented and which will was to completely revolutionize skateboarding. We are here at were starting to see the birth of street skateboarding!

In 1981, the magazine “Thrasher” was created, and since then, this magazine represents street skateboarding, the core scene, punk rock and the lifestyle slogan “Skate And Destroy”. In 1983, another well-known magazine called “Transworld Skateboarding Magazine” was launched. Besides these magazines, others are were created and many skate shops also open opened . With all this, the popularity of skateboarding is started becoming more and more important. We are were starting to find all the new tricks and moves never seen before in the first VHS skate videos. Videography is was becoming more and more important within the community.


For me I have been skating for 3 years and I love it. For example, in Angers, there are a 2 skateshops : "Tarmac (my favourite) and "Biotope".
Our city is starting to be known in the world of skateboarding thanks to its new skatepark, Saint Serge, its collaborations with skateshop, organized contests and events like "inside-out" at the Quai in Angers which is a work of art skatable art.

My favorite movie is "90's", it's a movie about the skate culture in Los Angeles, in the mid-1990s, Stevie, 13 years old, struggles to find his place in his family, between an absent mother and a character characterial brother. So when a bunch of skateboarders take him under his wing, he will live the summer of his life. This is where my nickname "Fuckshit" comes from.


There are many skateboard disciplines such as street, ramp, downhill, longboard dancing, slalom…


My favorite skateur skateboarder is Aaron Homoki because it he has gap the famous spot of the 25 Lion steps Mal dit. Je n'ai pas compris cette phrase. It is an internationally known spot.


Tony Hawk is one of the first skateboarders, he is widely regarded as one of the most influential pioneers in skateboarding and the inventor of many tricks, he has made films, video games …

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