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Ton projet est intéressant et très bien écrit (avec quelques "petites" erreurs!). C'est dommage que ton projet ne soit pas plus "personnalisé" avec des textes rédigés par toi au lieu d'avoir été "copiés" sur un site ou rédigés par quelqu'un qui est bilangue!

Voici la note obtenue : 12/20


what is coronavirus?


Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, which cause diseases from a common cold, to more serious diseases.

A new coronavirus identified in 2020!

The virus has been identify identified in China ,this new disease was named COVID-19 by the world health organization .

what are the symptoms ?

The main symptoms are fever or a feeling of fever, difficulty breathing, coughing

How is the virus transmitted ?

The first people to contract the virus went to Wuhan market in China's Hubei province.Coronavirus is spread from human to human by close contact, by air, due to the postillions droplets that patients spread through sneezing and coughing.

prevention implemented :


Various prevention sheets are put in place, reminding us to adopt good actions and therefore to wash our hands frequently and correctly. If the water is not available, an antibacterial gel must be used, so a safety distance of one meter must be maintained for two people, avoid touching the mouth, nose and eyes. You have to sneeze, cough in the crease of your elbow or in a tissue immediately throw in the trash.

A spread important Spreading rapidly :

In France the number of cases continues to increase every day, it all started on January 24 or when the three first patients were announced diagnosed , in Paris and Bordeaux. These patients had stayed in Wuhan. This is how contamination in France began, one contaminate contaminated person contaminates three. Just like what happened in Italy spreads where it started to spread from January 31, 2020, when two Chinese tourists tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 in Rome. A group of COVID-19 cases is were then detected, starting with 16 cases confirmed in Lombardy on February 21, 60 other cases on February 22 and the first deaths in Italy reported on the same day. As of February 28, there were 21 deaths and 888 confirmed cases in the country. Italy has the second highest number of infections (behind China and ahead of Iran) and the first highest number of deaths in aany country. Several municipalities in northern Italy are have been quarantined from the end of February. In late February and early March, COVID-19 affected this country more severely than anywhere else in the European Union (EU). However, it was one of the only two European countries to suspend all direct flights to and from the People's Republic of China and the first to do so. As of March 9, the number of people identified as positive for the disease in the country rose to 9,172, including 463 dead (including 333 dead in Lombardy) and 724 cured. It has been established that 10% of those infected in Lombardy are part of the medical profession. On March 10, the whole country was placed in quarantine: travel was limited in the country for work, for health care or to buy food and any gathering was prohibited under penalty of a fine or three months in prison . The 10,000 case mark is was exceeded with 10,149 people infected, including 631 dead. Lombardy has has had 5,791 cases and 468 deaths.On March 12, the national quarantine is was gradually installed. There are now have now been 15,113 confirmed cases and 1,016 deaths. The Italian authorities inform have informed their population that the actual number of people infected is much higher, and cannot be known precisely. Italy asserts that the World Health Organization press release which indicates that the world has passed the pandemic stage is has been observed in its territory. It has become the second country most affected by COVID-19 after mainland China. The number of deaths in Italy (3,405 deaths) exceeds exceeded on March 19 that recorded in China (3,245 deaths).

The containment of the population in France is was ordered from March 17, 2020 at 12 noon by the French government in response to the growing number of cases of COVID-19 on the national territory. This decision was announced on the evening of March 16, 2020 by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, at an address to the nation. He repeatedly indicates indicated that France is was in a "health war" against COVID-19, while the country in "stage 3" of government health measures is was in full epidemic expansion. Containment involves restricting movement to what is strictly necessary (food shopping, care and work when teleworking is not possible), outings near the home (individual sports activity, dog hygiene), as well as penalizing offenses related to this new rule1, the closing of the borders of the Schengen area and the postponement of the second round of municipal elections.

a risk of spread in Africa

Africa has no way like us to heal in the event of a big plague on the continent,

A majority of these African countries will not have the means to contain the pandemic. "To reduce mortality in patients with coronavirus, it is necessary to have access to respiratory assistance," emphasizes Augustin Augier. Or However , in these countries, there is almost no capacity to provide them with the necessary care. In West Africa, there are twenty times fewer hospital beds than in France. In addition, there are almost no follow-up care services. "As for respirators, they count for millions of people …" In Nigeria, on account only 250 resuscitation beds with mechanical respirators [France in 5,000], adds Isabelle Defourny. At least oxygen and protection (masks, gloves, glasses, gowns, etc.) are required for medical personnel. In all the hospitals in Africa, there are protections means of protection , but with the Covid-19, the consumption of masks is multiplied by 10 or 20. Few hospitals have sufficient stock to meet this increase in needs. Otherwise, caregivers will in turn fall ill, and the healthcare system may be further paralyzed. Or However, the hospitals are already struggling. In addition to multiple wars and violence.

today, March 24, 2020 thousands of cases are have been confirmed and listed in African countries, unfortunately they risk being badly affected because their health systems are very brittle bad

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