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Your text was really interesting (as it is completely personal), with not a lot of mistakes and it is well organised but, overall, it's missing something very important, "visual appeal" : you should have added a few images and tried to alternate between information content and visual content !

Your mark is 13/20

Hello I am Louane and today I want to talk to you about art because I'm really passionate about art and of course all kinds of art.


Since I am was a little child, my parents introduced me to many styles of music from DUB to pop, to reggae. When I am was 12 years old, I start started to play the piano on in a group with some friends. Actually, I still play with them but in addition I play bass and I sing. With these members of the group I do did my first scene gig in some bars in Angers.

In addition to that I listen a to lots of musical artist s and I would like to present you one music a song named " Should I " by Rilès. I always change my favorite music but right now it's the one that take comes first place on my list of favourites. ( if you want to listen, " Should I" is in Youtube ).

I'll put some of the words to you here :

Should I stay sober until the end?

Should I get wasted until my mind's erased?

Even though reality gon' slap me straight

It's hand might break got too many things in my head, my head!

Should I make a song, or should I make three more

Should I be the best, or should I be the one?

Should I stand still, or should I, should I run?

My left hand got the keys, but the other got a gun

Should I feel a doubt when I'm watching the news?

Should I fuck with industry or should I refuse?

Should I tell everybody I love, "I love you"?

Should I wake my problems up or should I hit snooze?


To sum up, the singer wonders abouts his life, he no longer knows what he is supposed to do and he is lost.

I like this music because when I listen to it, the universe carries me away and its allows me to escape.


I discovered a passion for painting quite recently. My favorite painting method is on the body with various tools.( photo velvet )

For exemple example , on this painting I use flowers to do the trees.

But in addition I also paint on paper. ( Photo peinture )

These paintings sometimes take me several hours but the key to a pretty drawing is patience.

When I paint, again I can escape to another universe and even invent mine, it allows me to relax and think about other things.

I haven't got a favorite painter but I am inspired by many different styles.


??? visiblement tu n'avais pas terminé ton projet mais il est trop tard maintenant!

Ne pas supprimer SVP

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