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The international space station


The international space station is a research platform placed in Earth orbit. It is the biggest satellite ever put in orbit with a length of 108 meters, a width of 74 meters and a weight of 400 tonnes. It was developed thanks to the collaboration of spaces space agencies around the world: NASA (United States), Roscosmos (Russia), ESA (Europe), JAXA (Japan) and ASC (Canada). A crew of six people lives permanently on the station and works on scientific research.




During the cold war, there was a strong space competition between the United States and the Soviet Union. In 1976, the Soviet Union had taken made some advances by starting the Mir station project. So, in 1985, the United States decided to start a space station project called Freedom. One year later, European, Canadian and Japanese space agencies have joined this project. After the end of the cold war, Russia joined also the international station project in 1993.

The international space station is a fusion of 3 older projects: the American space station freedom, the Soviet station Mir-2 and the European laboratory Columbus. The first module was lunched in 1998. The assembly of the station finished in 2011.


Astronauts do research experiments in biology, physics, astronomy and meteorology. They study the reactions of the human body in space and they do health research. These experiences experiments have better results than on the Earth because in space there is no gravity. One of the goals is to prepare a possible trip to Mars.

Life in space


Their job is hard, they work 10 hours a day. Every day, the 6 astronauts of the crew must inspect the station and do many experiences experiments.

During their break time, they can look down at the Earth from the cupola.

The astronauts take risks because the life in space has bad health consequences. So, they must do 2 hours of sport per day because the absence of gravity causes very serious problems on muscles.

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