Lalie B S Page3

__The volcanic eruption.

1) Material needed : two rather large glass.
2) Protection equipment : protective glasses, a blouse, hair tied back.
3) The equipment : baking soda, vinegar and food colouring.
4) The time required : about five minutes to prepare and make the mixture, however, the reaction appears instantly.
5) The objective/goal : the goal being to see how a voice reacts during an eruption, I tried to carry out an experiment to observe a volcanic eruption.
6) Risks and possible dangers : a projection in the eyes, on the skin and on the clothes.
7) All the preventive measures against certain risks : manipulate rigorously, pull back just before the volcano erupts and protective glasses.
8) The hypothesis : How does a volcanic eruption take place?
9) The manipulations (the protocol) :
- put 50 ml of water in a glass
- add 3 drops of food colouring to the same glass
- take the second glass and add 15 grams of baking soda
- add the container of the first glass into the second glass and observe the instantaneous reaction
10) The results : I was able to observe a bubble formation during the volcanic explosion, which leads us to believe that there is CO2.
11) Analysis (discussion) : the lava of the volcano is under pressure due to the accumulation of gas contained in the volcano, thus leading to a volcanic eruption.
12) The Conclusion : To conclude, lava from volcanoes contains CO2 that leads to eruption.

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