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The movie "The maze runner" is a science fiction movie.

Is a movie trilogy. There is "The maze runner 1" , " The maze runner- scorched earth " and "The maze runner - The death cure". The director of movies is Wes BALL

"The maze runner 1"

He went out It was released on 11 September 2014 in MEXICO for the first time. He They opened the trilogy.

"The maze runner - Scorched earth"

He went out on 29 september 2015 in FRANCE for the first time. It was the second in the trilogy.

"The maze runner - The eath cure"

He went out It was released on 17 January 2018 in SOUTH KOREA for the first time. So this is the movie in the trilogy of the "Maze runner".


The main characters in this movie are:

-Dylan O'BRIAN = Thomas
-Ki Hong LEE = Minho
-will POULTER = Gally
-Blake COOPER = Chuck
-Chris SHEFFIELD = Ben

The movie talks about some men trapped in a maze runner that changes its layout every night. When they manage to get out of the maze runner after a lot of complications and the loss of a few of them, they have to face a very contagious virus where death is certain.


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