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Ton projet est intéressant et assez bien écrit (malgré un grand nombre d'erreurs!) mais il n'y a pas d'image. C'est dommage!

Voici la note obtenue : 12/20

Le coronavirus

The coronavirus is a disease which is very contagious, the virus identified in January 2020 in China is a new Coronavirus, named SARS-CoV-2. The disease caused by this coronavirus was named COVID-19. Right now the epidemic is global.

This disease requires primary prevention such as:__

Wash washing your hands, and if impossible put on hydroalcoholic gel use hand sanitiser ,

put putting on a mask only in certain cases,

do not touch not touching your face,

regularly clean cleaning surfaces and commonly used objects,

avoid and avoiding close contacts and avoid crowded places.

But there are also secondary prevention gestures which are for example:

quarantine ourselves putting ourselves in quarantine if we have any doubts about our state of health and then call calling the hospital to have a test, limit and by limiting travel …

The spread of the virus started in China then because of the trips (people went to China then returned to country of origin), this made that the virus was answered in a world way in as little time as this virus is very dangerous Je n'ai pas compris cette partie de la phrase because we can contaminate people when we don't even know that the virus is in us.

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