I found your project to be interesting and there are not too many mistakes. However, you should have made the pictures smaller as there seems to be a lot of visual content and not a lot of text !

Your mark is 15/20

Welcome everybody

I will to present my favorit serie favourite series which is Naruto.

It was wrote and drawn by Masashi Kishimoto. Her first appearance was in a weekly in 1999. It represents 72 volumes. Then, it was published in French version in 2002.


It is the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a child which is who is an orphan. He lives in Konoha, a small Japanese village. Naruto is hated by everybody in the village because he houses a demon in him. This demon is attacked konoha. The day of Naruto's birth, this demon was sealed in him. So, Verry much a lot of people are afraid and discriminate against Naruto. He will train hard, to fight against the creature and will have verry much adventure a lot of adventures. His but objective is that Konoha's inhabitants recognize his true value.


I love this series because there is very suspense and very very life is a lot of suspense and alot of lessons about can be learned. I would advise everyone to watch it !!

I discored discovered a new series in on Netflix. It's One Punch Man.

It's also a Japanese's series like Naruto. It's very short in on Nexflix because it only contains 12 episodes of 20 minutes. But there is are 21 volumes in of comic strips . I don't know if 21 volumes is are bigger than 12 episodes of 20 minutes but is is also short for a manga.


The story takes place in a country. Each city is assigned a letter. For exemple example , the city B or the city Z. This country is often attacked by monsters. The country is protected by a bald super hero, his name is Saïtama. He trained for 3 years with 100 pumps, 100 abdos, 100 squats et did 10 km of running everyday. But, with his trainnin training , Saïtama can beat all the monsters with one punch.

I like this series and I would recommend it to anyone who likes manga.

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