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The harassment refers to a set of acts, behaviours, and because of their repetition of character, they contribute to psychological or physical harm to the person who is the victim.
He It is defined as repeated violence that can be in different forms, verbal, physical and psychological.
He It is mainly at school. The word harassment has uttered is used when a child is insulted, threatened, beaten, shoved or repeatedly abusive abused.

Harassment is the cause of a rejection of the difference because of being different such as :

  • physical appearence (weight, height, hair color or type )
  • Sex, gender identity, sexual orientation
  • disability (physical, psychic or mental )
  • a communication disorder that affects speech

Harassment affects students attending school, especially at the end of primary school or middle school.

There are different forms of harassment :
- Physical harassment results in beatings, shoving, theft, sexual violence
5,1% of students are victims of severe physical harassment.
7,5% of girls are victims of forced touching compared to 5% of boys.

- Moral harassment does not result in repeated insults, humiliations, blackmail, threats, the spread of false rumors.
8% of students are morally harassed.

Harassment is considered a crime punishable by prison.

Whether in the school environment or in cases of workplace harassment, the consequences can be both physical and psychological.
There are the different consequences of harassment, consequences psychological ans consequences physical. physical and psychological consequences
The consequences psychological psychological consequences
When, the victim is harassed, she feels feelings of guilt and helplessness. Being harassed leads to stress. This stress leads the victim to be a victim of:

  • anxiety
  • concern
  • social phobia
  • depression
  • shame
  • and loss of self-esteem

The consequences physical physical consequences
In a situation of harassment, the visible symptoms for victims of harassment are stress, migraines, memory loss and sleep disorders.
Harassed people may suffer :

  • joint pain
  • digestive disorders
  • hearts problems

What to do in case of harassment ?
If you are a victim, it is necessary to :

  • speak to your parents, your teachers, your brothers and sisters if you have any.
  • keep your private life to yourself
  • call the number that is only contacted in case of harassment : N° VERT The « NO TO HARASSMENT » : 3020** hotline
  • file a complaint if the harassment becomes very serious

If you are a witness, it is necessary to :

  • support the victim
  • talk about it around you
  • not participating, this will make the situation even worse
  • and if the stalker is part of your group of friends tries ,try to to reason with him and convince him to stop.

To combat harassment, there is a national anti-harassment day, which takes place on November 8th or 9th.

If the harassment becomes increasingly urgent and unlivable, the victim can file a complaint with at the police station or gendarmerie.
If the stalker is convicted, he could face up to 1 year in prison and a 15,000 euros fine.
For the sexual harassment and the moral harassement, the stalker risks 2 years imprisonment and a 30,000 euros fine.
For the school harassment, those guilty of school harassment over the age of 13 years old face prison sentences and fines. Minors under the age of 13 cannot go to jail or pay a fine under any circumstances.
For a minor underage stalker, the prison sentence is 6 months and the fine is 7,500 euros.
For a major an adult stalker, the prison sentence is 1 year and the fine is 15,000 euros.

Harassment on social media is a crime. We are also talking about cyer-harassment. He The offender is more severely punished if the victim is under the age of 15 years old.
The perpetrator of online harassment may get 2 years of prison and a 30,000 euros fine. The maximum penalty is increased to 3 years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros if the victim is under 15 years of age.


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