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non-Newtonian liquid

Glassware: -2 beaker
-1 a glass or plastic container

protective equipment needed: any because there are no dangerous products to use and there can be no projection in the eyes. (we can still wear glasses for style)

material:we need water and cornstarch

time: the preparation time is a few minutes and it is possible to save the preparation for two days

objective: the objective sought is to create a liquid which escapes the laws of Newton. To put it simply, it's a liquid we can walk on

possible risk danger: this experience involves no risk except to get a little dirty

hypothesis: can a substance be both liquid and solid?

protocol:- pour two beakers of cornstarch into a container
-pour a beaker of water into the container, then pour a second beaker but this time little by little
-to know if it's ready: quickly hit the surface with your fingertips:

If the mixture is too plastery add a spoon of water.
If the mixture is too liquid add a little cornstarch.

Result: you get a liquid that you can walk on. It is both liquid and solid

Analysis: To test it put the liquid in the hollow of your left hand, then with the right hand try to make a dumpling. Surprise: it works but as soon as you stop kneading … the dumpling becomes liquid again.

Conclusion: a substance can have the properties of a solid and a liquid.
It is possible to run on a swimming pool filled with non-Newtonian liquid
but if we stop we sink

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