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Ton projet est intéressant et bien écrit (et il y a très peu erreurs : c'est dommage que ton projet ne soit pas plus "personnalisé" avec des textes rédigés entièrement par toi au lieu d'être traduits ou même copiés sur un site)

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rabies virus

Rabies is a contagious and deadly disease. It is caused by a virus that attacks the nervous systems of mammals, including humans.

Rabies seems to have been known since the third millennium BC.

The rabies virus (genus Lyssavirus) is present in the saliva of the animal (dogs, wild animal …) at the end of the disease which is the origin of comtamination . Transmission most often occurs after the bite by a contaminated animal, by scratching or even licking on the excoriated skin or on a mucous membrane

it infects the nervous system and affects its functioning, disrupts neurons, especially those that regulate autonomic functions such as cardiac activity or breathing. The symptomatic phase often begins with dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) and various neuropsychiatric disorders , especially anxiety and restlessness. Once the signs are declared, the evolution proceeds to coma and death

Rabies is responsible for around 59,000 of annual deaths worldwide, mainly in Asia and Africa, most often following a bite by a rabid dog carrying the virus. Each year, approximately 17 million people received receive treatment after exposure to animals in those on suspected rabies. Je n'ai pas compris la fin de ta phrase

The preventive treatment of rabies following an exposure begins with a non-specific treatment: wound cleaning & antisepsis. There is also a recommended rabies vaccine for those who exercise a high-risk profession like laboratory staff handling rabies viruses


The rabies virus is part of the family of Rhabdoviridae which have the characteristic of having as genome a non-segmented and negative-sense single-stranded RNA. … N gene for nucleoprotein: the association of approximately 2000 molecules of protein N (capsid) and RNA will form the nucleocapsid.


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