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Ton projet est intéressant et assez bien écrit (malgré un grand nombre d'erreurs!) mais il n'y a pas d'image. C'est dommage!

Voici la note obtenue : 17/20

The world facing COVID-19

Tools to pubicize preventions are :

- television,

- social media (Instagram,…),

- posters in public institutins institutions ,

- webstes

- a text messages from the govenment sent to us.

The 5 barrier gestures against this virus are those which are primary:

- stay at home to limit all contact with unknown people,

- wash often hands to eliminate bacteria,

- cough in his in the fold of ones elbow not to spread his bacteria,

- avoid this touch touching ones face

- keep its at least 1m distance from other people to stop the spread.

Secondary preventions are:

- quarantine set up in a large part of the number of countries,

- the search for temporary (fast) treatments (vaccine) in the face of the crisis and, if symptoms appear or in case of contact with a surrogate an infected person, consultation with a doctor is necessary

Then, visible symptoms appear after a period of 5 to 14 days of incubation. These symptoms include :

- runny nos,

- sore throat,

- cough,

- fever and, in the worst cases,

- difficulty breathing.

The most monitored people are the elderly, persons with asthma, with a history of respiratory problems, diabetes or high blood pressure.

To curb the spread, countries are putting in place rules, restrictions on their population and changing their organization.

So it’s set up the following have been put in place,

- closure of borders (ex/United States),

- verbalization for non-compliance with rules,

- creation of hospitals (ex/ China),

- military assistance,

- medical mobilization of cases,

- banning gatherings, cultural or sporting events,

- closure of parks, forests and known places (ex/ til garden in Paris),

- closure of etablishmennts or public hosting (ex/restaurant), school closures (ex/ college), except basic stores (ex/ pharmacy, food),

- containment of the country with exceptional controlled output and increased telework.

Africa copared compared to other countries has a less efficient system of care and is still battling Ebola or measles ans and even AIDS (the latter has 55% mortality). The spread of coronavirus would then be rapid and fatal, where the population will not be well informed because of the the lack of access to the various platforms. Prevention would therefore not be done and the risk greater. Their medical equipment is also less developed and the cost of all this would be too substantial for the continent.

Military personel wash their hands to children who do not have access to soat and water, before they join their families **Mal dit/confus.

Here, are the data from 25 march 2020, for France, Europe and the world. It includes the number of cases, the number of deaths, the mortality rate and some more information like the number of people being cured or confined. A real time map has been put in place to monitor the evolution of the virus in the world, there is a lot of information, put by each country, so this map is a reliable source.

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