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Your text is interesting with very few mistakes and it is well organised. However, you should have made it more "personal". I know you carried out some research to do the project but your texts should be entirely written by yourself and not "taken" directly from some website or written by someone who speaks perfect English !

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Football is a team sport opposing two team teams of eleven players, their goals is to score goals with a ball to win the game. Today it's the most popular sport in the world with four billion fans. In France it's the sport which has the most members, there are two million.


The football that we know today was created after a meeting, in 1863, to unify the rules of modern football. Part of the members agreed to prohibit the use of hands but the other part wanted to keep it. It's the separation of football and rugby.
Eight years later, the FA Cup becames became the first national football competition in world. It's a knockout competition that still exists today. For its first edition, sixteen teams are were participating and it's the Wanderers which won it.
English professional football appeared in the 1880s with the creation of emblematic teams such as Manchester United (1878), Manchester City (1880), Tottenham (1882), Arsenal (1886) or a little later Liverpool (1892) the current leader of the Premier League.


First championship

A first England Championship took place in 1888 thanks to the development of the railways.
Football first spread to Europe and then across the world through the colonial empires. The International Federation of Amateur Football was created in 1904 by a Frenchman, Jules Rimet, he was later the president of the FFF (French Football Federation) which was founded in 1919.
It was not until 1917 that a competition similar to the FA Cup appeared in France, la Coupe de France. The country being at war many teams couldn't participate in this competition. It was All the same 48 teams which confront competed , it's and it was the Olympique de Pantin which won it.

It was in 1932 that the FFF established the first French football championship. It was played with 20 teams which went professional to maintain a resonable salary. The 20 teams were divided into two groups, the winners of each group competed in a final match for the title of champion.

First World Cup

It is also Jules Rimet who is was at the origin of the first World Cup. Thirteen teams took part to in the first World Cup in Uruguay in 1930, including France and it was its striker who scored the first goal of the first Football World Cup. Uruguay won the first World Cup against Argentina.
France has twice won the World Cup.
a first time at home in 1998


a second time in Russia in 2018.


First Champions League

The Champions Club Cup, which we know today as the Champions League, appeared in 1955, it's the UEFA (European football association) which will organize organized the tournament. The first match took place in Lisbonne in September 1955 and oppposed Sporting Portugal against Partizan Belgrade. The first final took place at the Parc des Princes (Paris) in June 1956 and Real Madrid won against the Stade de Reims. Still today Real Madrid dominates the tournament with 13 victories in 16 finals.


And the last winner is Liverpool.


Ne pas supprimer SVP

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