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hydrogen peroxyde's decomposition with potassium permanganate


Erlenmeyer flask(1000mL),spatula

safety equipement:

security glasses , lab coat and gloves

the reagents:

5 mL hydrogen peroxyde (a least 33% concentrated),some grain of potassium permanganate

the time required:

few seconde

the desired purpose:

the purpose of this experience is to demontrate the oxidation-reaction between the potassium permangante and hydrogen peroxyde

potential risk

permanganate projection , the potassium permanganate stains the clothing for many weeks
(the steam is not dangerous because it is a oxygen and water vapour)

precautionary measure:

wearing a blouse and a pair of security glasses


I think that the potassium permanganate oxidizes hydrogen peroxyde and reduces it to oxygen and water.

the Handling:

-Take a 1000 ml Erlenmeyer flask
-Pour 5ml hydrogen peroxyde inside
-Then put in a few gramms of potassium permanganate inside
-close the erlenmeyer flask with a stupper
-perform the oxygen test
-Take a buchette, light it, blow on it and plunge it into the container.observe

the results:


to conclude:

the oxidation-réaction between potassium permanganate and hydogen peroxyde product a oxygen and a water
merci de ne pas effacer :)

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