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Ton projet est intéressant, assez bien écrit (malgré les erreurs!) et bien présenté.

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I presentation of the virus


The polio virus is a virus of the family of picornavirus (hepatitis A virus…).The host of this virus is only humans and he transmetted it is transmitted between humans (excrement).Howewer However ,this virus mainly affects children as young as five years old.

It exist three types of polio virus exist .The target cells by polio virus are the nerve cells and spinal cord cells.The incubation time is between 9 and 12 days.

II symptoms


Many times Most of the time , people infected by the virus haven't any symptoms or they may have flu-like symptoms (fever,tiredness,headaches…).


However,some people infected by the virus will develop a paralysis because the virus destroys or damages the cells in the spinal cord and 5% of 10% those affected by paralysis die.

III conclusion

to conclude, in 1957, the poliovirus had has infected four thousand people in France ,but today we have a vaccine that is given to children to protect them.

Ne pas supprimer SVP

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