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History of Video Games


The history of video games started in the fifties, the idea was born in universities while scientists were doing researche research in computer sciences. Games were known by the folk in the seventies with the marketing of the arcade machines and games consoles, however this was the first generation of gaming and you could only run small games. Video games became an industry evolve evolving with the technology and they were mass marketed, first in arcade machines then in game consoles. Throughout the hype of gaming, Bushnell and Dabney founded the company named “Atari” and oversee oversaw the development of “Pong” by Allan Alcorn (he was a new young person in the company). “Pong“ will went on to have a huge success in arcades , he it was the first game who which had a real success in the history of video games. In 1977 “Atari” launch his launched its consoles named “Video Computer System” , renamed later “Atari 2600”. In 1979, the company company's “Activision” is was created by unsatisfied programmers of Atari. Now Activision is famous and we know the company through his its huge games, like the series of “Call Of Duty”.


In the eighties “Pac Man” was publish on appeared in arcades and he it became the most popular game of the moment, with 100’000 machines were being sold in United States of America. On console, “Space Invaders” was the biggest sale on Atari 2600.
The Japanese company, “Nintendo” was selling a portable game with a liquid crystal display (LCD), named “Game
and Watch”, it was the ancestor of portable consoles. In 1981, Shigeru Miyamoto (the general manager of Nintendo)
is charged to improve was given the job of improving “Radar Scope” (it was a game who that was not selling well), but instead of improve improving it Mr.Miyamoto decided to create a new game : “Donkey Kong” , who is which was instantly a huge success. In 1983 the company sells sold the “Family Computer” (it was the Japanese version of the NES: Nintendo Entertainment System). The launching of the console was long but the games who which were proposed on the console increased the demand s . The console could display
50 colors with a resolution of 256 x 240, the technology was advanced for the period, and it wasn’t very expensive.
The "Family Computer" (NES) will sell for sold more than 60 million copy copies . And in 1989 , Nintendo release the released "Game Boy", it was the first great success for a console who is which was portable and multigames.
From there on the developpement of video game became really fast , in less than 30 years we go went from "Pong" to "World of Warcraft". And the developpement is in exponential expansion.


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