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Voici un "exemple" de ce que tu peux faire : https://sciencebob.com/crazy-foam-experiment/ C'est une petite vidéo qui dure environ 2 minutes.



Tools :

  • Two graduated cylinders
  • One scoopulas
  • One basin (big )
  • One beaker of 50 ml
  • Coloring ( not obligatory )

Safety equipment (Of the laboratory) :

  • Jackets close ( blouse )
  • Glases of the laboratory
  • Gloves ( not obligatory )
  • Waste cans
  • Tied-up hair

(* Wash hands )

This experience consititutes do make a foam hazardous enough.
For made the experience it takes 20ml of the solution, potassium iodure in the graduated and a little soap liquide ( for the crokery ), mix it all together at help the scoopulas and turn the beaker. = In the first graduated cylinders
In the second graduated cylinders there are 75 ml of the water oxygeneted ( who was stoked in a beaker ).
Put the first garduated cylinder in to basin and after, overturn the second graduated cylinder in the first graduated cylinder.
Wait for somes seconds et THIS IS A FOAM !!

--This experience is graceful the water oxygeneted has been destroyed under the action of potassium iodile.This rection make a lot of dioxygen who went in the soap liquide, who bring about mousse.

DANGER : ( onward in the chimical )

__The danger is the potassium iodile because gesting extremely high levels of ptassium iodile can be dangerous, including causing goiters that interfere with thyroid function (but the recommended dose of potassium iodide would probably have to be taken for several weeks for thijavascript:;s to happen).

Potassium iodide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula KI. It is the salt of potassium and hydroiodic acid HI. It is in the form of a white crystalline solid consisting of potassium ions K+ and iodide I-. It is the economically most important iodide. Less hygroscopic than sodium iodide NaI, it is easier to handle. It has a yellowish tint when it contains impurities or under the effect of ageing, the iodide I- ions oxidise to iodine on prolonged contact with air.__


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