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Crazy lab experiments :


1) Tools needed to perform the experiment

• beaker

• A coffee filter

• test tube

2) Protective equipment required gloves are required to perform the experiment

3) Material: products / solution required

• Dish soap

• Salt

• methylated spirits

• Apple

4) Time required

The time required for the experience is 20 to 30 minutes

5) Objective / goal to seek

The goal is to extract DNA

6) Possible risks / danger

the risk is to burn yourself with alcohol

7) All preventive measures against certain risks

gloves must be worn.

8) Assumption

he and one of the DNA in banana cells


9) Manipulation

Step 1: Crush the apple with 24 grams of dish soap. Then add 12 grams of salt.

Step 2: put the filter on test tube. Pour the mixture into the filter. On overlap I liquidated which finds in tube tries. In this liquidate there is a DNA.

Step 3: Gently add the same volume of alcohol as that of the supernatant, avoiding mixing the 2 liquids. I will assist you for a few minutes. We then observe that liquidating you subtract into 2 different parts which call phase.

10) Results

I wound up is cloudy in the middle

11) Analysis

the cloudy medium corresponds to DNA

12) The conclusion

He has DNA in the apple.

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