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My experience is geyser effect of the mentos-soft drink mixture

1) the necessary tools for this expérience are mentos and a bottle of soft drink
2) no need for protection for this expérience.
3) we need mint mentos and cola
4) we only need a few minutes
6) the reaction in a bottle is impressive, it cannot have the same effects in a stomach
7)If a person eats a pack of chin after consuning soft drinks, bubble production will be limited.
8) Why coke reacts like this when you insert a mentos ?
9) just insert the mentos into the cola bottle and the reaction is done alone
10)the result is a geyser
11) the roughness allows for easier nucleation : carbon dioxide, dissolved in water as carbonic acid H2CO3 takes advantages of the irregularity of the coating of the mentos to transform into gas.
12)the geyser effect of the mentos-soft drink mixture is relates to the abrupt degassing of the carbon dioxide dissolved in the soft drink during the immersion of the friandise8E6F8630-08C7-4325-8BA7-EF338F296E10.jpeg
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