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This virus iS called: virus varicella-zona. It's a herpès virus. His It's size is 120 nanometers.

This virus has is a disease: varicella. It is a disease often recognized found in children, it can touch affect adults but this type is more dangerous.

There are 700,000 children sick/year who get it every year.

This disease has a delay between contamination and the first symptoms of 10 to 21 days.

We could catch this virus by airbone transmission or inhalation of saliva pods (mumps, coughing,etenity).


The appearance of the buttons— Signs : the development of small pink spots 2 to 3 mm of in diameter transformed transform into tiny blisters filled with a transparent liquid and surrounded by a slight small red circle. The vesicles dry up in 48 hours and from form a small crust and falls in a week's drink. Je n'ai pas compris la fin de cette phrase


There are two vaccines: varilrix and varivax available without a prescription.

There is a The result of varicella , it is the shingles.


The shingles is a localized rash made of vesicules arranged on reddened skin, on one side of the body. In a few days, the vesicules dry and crusts are fromed formed and fall out off after ten days and give way to possible scars.

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