Clement E S Page3

1) The tools that we need is: 4xglasses, 1xspoon.
2) We don't need équipement or just glass.
3) The material that we need is: water, squash.
4) The necessary time is pretty much 20 sec.
5) The objectif is to see if the sugar remain unchanged.
6) There is just one risk, it is that the squash in the eyes can create a blurred of the vision.
7) The measure is to have glaces if there is a splash in the eyes.
8) The idea is to see if there is a reduction of sugar.
9) For this experience, we need to take 1 glace we drop the squash and add the water and we mix. After we take the mix of the before glace, and we fill at the half of the 2nd glace,
and we add water once the glace fill at the half, and we restart that until the end.
10) There is well a reduce of sugar.
11) There is well a reduce of sugar and also a reduce of colour.
12) The water is a reductive of matter.

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