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I found your text interesting with not too many mistakes and it is well organised. However, it's much (much) too short !

Your mark is 12/20

The school harassment


What is harassment ?

It There exists three forms of harassment:

- verbal

- physical

- psychological

The harassment is the repeated violence and realized by one or several people on a victim.

The victim doesn't necessarily find the strengh to talk about it.

The harassment can lead to mutilation or even suicide.

Why and who is the victim ?

The children who are not like the others

If They are differents : by their physical appearance

by an a handicap

by practising differents hobbies…

How ?

The violence, the mockery, the and humiliation wasare the principal characteristics of the harassment.

The victim is also alone.

What to do against it ?

If you see this, the best thing to do is to talk to an adult or other people.

So you must say STOP TO THE HARASSMENT !!!


Ne pas supprimer SVP

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