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Intervenants : Brooke Carlson, journaliste pour " TV", Thad Carlson, fondateur de "Grace Hair Salon", et Patrick McCreery, directeur général (d'une entreprise)
Brooke Carlson : "Looking good for your interview is really important. You want to make that good first impression. Well it all starts with your hair. Thad Grace is going to give us some tips on how to look your best.
You wouldn't wear jeans and a T-shirt to a job interview, the same goes for your hair. Kick it up a notch."
Thad Grace : "I think having your hair done well is incredibly important because what it does is that it sets the tone for your look. It's like the cherry on top of the Sunday.
Brooke Carlson : "Fad says, keep it clean, keep it simple and keep it off your face."
Thad Grace : "Her hair is actually naturally wavy, has a lot of texture to it; she has a ton of hair. It kind of gets out of control real easily for her. So it's really a matter of taming down the wild beast. So what I would suggest for her would be to pull it back in a really soft, stylish, sophisticated ponytail which would mean that you pull it away from the face and you leave a little bit of a shape there in the back. It pulls it off of her face, it opens up her face, it allows her to have better eye-contact with the person interviewing her & allows the person who is doing the interview to see her face.
Other options are : she could flat iron her hair, smooth it out, tuck it behind her ear, (or) she could wear it away from her face."
Brooke Carlson : "Choose a style you can do again and again".
Thad Grace : "When you go into an interview you want to have the appearance of a well-put-together person, but you want to make sure that you do it in a way that you can maintain over and over again."
Brooke Carlson : "And lay off the gel and hairspray, too much can give the wrong impression".
Thad Grace : "The focus should not be on your hair, the focus should be on you and sometimes people go into a job interview and they have everything done over the top and it just throws the attention off of you. So with her what we're going to do is give her a look that is away from her face, (which is) really soft, really natural, still really fashionable but understated.
Basically what I've done is I've taken Megan's hair which was kind of in her face and hiding her eyes a little too much and I'm going back with it. So I round brushed it away from her face, except for the very front section which I actually round brushed forward just to give it a little lift right at the scalp. And what I want to achieve with this is a loose, natural pushed back kind of a feeling to it (which is) not overly gelled, overly hair sprayed, really natural."
Brooke Carlson : "How much does all of this really matter?"
Patrick McCreery : "You know I think first impressions are absolutely crucial to the process and hair is part of that. You know, make-up is part of that, a suit versus a pair of jeans is part of that, shoes versus flip-flops, and hair is definitely part of that. Someone who is well-groomed takes a pride in their appearance, so chances are that means they take pride in their work."
Brooke Carlson : "For "Better", I'm Brooke Carlson".

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