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it's a disease that infect airways =} that infects

since it begins and many of those people dies because of that =} since it began and many of those people have died because…..

There is a lot of coffins but there is only a couple of people in.. =} There are a lot of coffins but there are only a couple of people in…

This text has been written on March 29 , 2020 =} This text was written on March 29th , 2020

said that more of 2009 people died because =} said that more than 209 people died…..

and that's only in UK =} and that's only in the UK

there was 260 deaths =} there were 260 deaths

the number of deaths are lower than the day before it didn't mean that the epidémie is done, it's just mean that=} the number of deaths is lower, it doesn't mean that the epidemic is over/finished, it just means that

so that the number of deaths can reduce =} so that the number of deaths can be reduced

it can be really bad because it can ended up in hospital =} it can be really bad because they can end up in hospital

a lot of family should get prepared for other lost =} a lot of families should get prepared for other losses

so we can hope a changement if we didn't do what the government say =} Mal dit/confus

In our everyday life we didn't have the power to save lives =} we don't have the power to ….

by staying in our home, wash our hands as often as we can =} by staying in our homes and washing our hands….

be careful to our health =} be careful with our health


Assez bien mais il y a un grand nombre d'erreurs !

Et voici le texte : Coronavirus live news: Spain records new highest daily death toll, as Syria reports first Covid-19 death


Patients in the UK dying now were infected around a month ago, weeks before the country started social distancing, an expert has warned.

Professor James Naismith, director of the Rosalind Franklin Institute at the University of Oxford, spoke out after a further 209 people died after testing positive for coronavirus in the UK.

Although this is a lower number than the 260 deaths the previous day, he warned it is too early to draw conclusions, underlining that “daily numbers can be lower (or higher) than expected due to random factors”.

Prof Naismnith said: “I am confident that provided we follow social distancing the increase in deaths will stop and this will be followed by a decrease in the daily numbers.

“It can take up to two weeks from infection to onset of symptoms. For over 80% of people these symptoms are mild, for the much smaller number who develop the most serious illness, intensive care is needed around 10 days later.

“For those who do not recover but die, data from China suggests this takes around another four days. The tragic deaths today will be from people infected roughly a month ago. It is inevitable that there will be more tragedies for families ahead.

“We can reduce the final death toll only by following current Government advice. We must expect and welcome changes in Government advice as science, medicine and social science work together to learn more.”

The Guardian, 29 March 2020

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Cosmetic surgery

Une jeune femme, nommée Maria, décide de subir un opération du nez a 19 ans pour se faire retirer une « bosse ». Ce document est son interview réalisée par une femme nommée Jennyfer.

Maria a voulu avoir une opération du nez car elle, qui se considère comme une jolie fille, souhaitais être parfaite. Elle dénonce la pression de devoir être parfaite lorsqu’on vie en Californie. Ces amis ne comprennent pas pourquoi elle souhaite réaliser cette opération et la trouve folle mais elle est satisfaite du résultat. Elle s’est renseignée sur la procédure et à pris exemple sur les gens dans les magasins. L’après opération n’a pas été si dur que ça, ça a cicatrisé au bout d’une semaine. Elle explique que ces parents n’ont pas été ravis de son choix car ils pensent qu’elle est parfaite comme ils l’ont « faite » mais ils acceptent son choix car elle se sent bien et heureuse dans sa nouvelle apparence. Lorsque Jennyfer lui demande si, d’après elle, dès qu’il y a quelque chose qui nous dérange dans notre apparence, on devrait le changer, elle dit que c’est une décision à prendre au sérieux et qu’elle y pense sérieusement depuis ces 16 ans mais qu’elle souhaitait attendre que son nez ait fini sa croissance. Elle dit qu’il ne faut pas le prendre a la légère car lorsque le changement ai fait, c’est trop tard pour revenir en arrière. Elle donne comme exemple Mickael Jackson qui a passé sa vie a coupé son nez et qui, maintenant, ne peut plus revenir en arrière.

And here is the script

- compare it with your summary in French and see how well you have understood the document.

Maria, who is 19, recently had a nose operation to remove a bump. She is being interviewed by Jennifer.

Jennifer : - Why did you decide to have cosmetic surgery?

Maria : - I'm actually a pretty girl, so I thought that if I got my nose done then I would be perfect. And there's so much pressure living in California to look perfect, that I just, I wanted to have the whole complete package, you know?

Jennifer : - Did you just decide to do it on your own or did someone suggest it to you?

Maria : - Well, actually my friends think I'm crazy that I did it, but I actually really wanted to do it because I saw all kinds of articles in different magazines and I read a bunch of information on it before I chose to do it. And it just didn't seem like it would be so bad, it wouldn't hurt so much, it only takes like a week to really heal.

Jennifer : - What did your parents think about you getting the nose surgery?

Maria : - My parents weren't very happy about it because you know they made me the way I am and they think I'm perfect as I am, so I think they were a little disappointed. But, you know, they accept me for what I've done and I’m old enough to make my own decisions now.

Jennifer : - What difference did the surgery make in how you feel about yourself?

Maria : - I feel great about myself now and I'm happy that I did it…

Jennifer : - Do you think anyone who doesn't like something about the way they look should have surgery?

Maria : - Well I think it's something you should take seriously. It's not like a quick snap decision. I've wanted to have this done ever since I was 16, but I wanted to wait until I was finished growing so I didn't make any mistakes. And I've thought about it my whole life. You know, I just think that you should put a lot of thought into it because once you get a change, a physical change, it's hard to fix it. I mean, look at Michael Jackson. He just kept cutting at his nose and cutting at his nose and now he'll never be able to get it back and he looks really scary.

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