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Ton projet est intéressant et assez bien écrit.

Your mark is 13,5/20

tes notes sont : 3,5/4 pts pour les questions sur la feuille distribuée en classe (Appuyez ici pour consulter la page en question) et 10/16 pour le projet (publié sur cette page)

Mollivirus sibericum

is a virus who sleeping while which has remained dormant for 30 000 years in the Siberian permafrost, French researchers woke him up revived it to study it better.

he It measured 600 nanomètres nanometers , it’s a gigantic kind of virus. "He It is the first member of a whole new family. More than two thirds of its genome, which has a total of 523 genes, codes for proteins that are unlike anything known, "explains Chantal Abergel, CNRS research director. =} Il manque le verbe dans cette dernière phrase

The structure of the viral particle itself [inert carrier of the genetic information of the virus which needs a host to reproduce, Editor's note] is very distinct.

Indeed, while Pithovirus is capable of replicating in the cytoplasm of the cell without using the cell nucleus, like the smallpox virus [today considered as eradicated], Mollivirus, for its part, uses the cell nucleus, like viruses herpes (see works of Elizio) It appears as an oblong shell of 0.6 micron in length. To multiply, it needs the nucleus of the host cell. This virus is harmless to humans.

But do you know about the pandora box ?

It is a box where all the suffering in the world is locked in a box where until a human opens it and frees sadness, suffering and viruses.

the permafrost is a bit the same. There are lots of prehistoric viruses pathogenic and dangerous to humans that could wipe out the world's population in a month and permafrost is melting due to global warming.

Ne pas supprimer SVP

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