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Your project was interesting. However, you should have made it much more "personal". I know you carried out some research to do the work on this project but your texts should be entirely written by yourself and not "taken" directly from some website or written by someone who speaks perfect English !The objective is that you learn how to write YOUR OWN TEXT by summarizing information you have found on the internet. I'm sorry to say that your project doesn't fully correspond to this objective!

Your mark is 8/20

It's about my favorite app this at the moment, Netflix :

We all know that it's the confinement so we have to do homework ect.. But most of the times we are just so bored and Netflix is the best the way to forget social life of course!



Netflix is ​​an American multinational company created in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolphhe. Also the company Netflix name the company's name, Netflix comes from the contraction of the terms "Internet" and "flix", colloquial expression of the word "film", it is part of the field of creative industries by the distribution and exploitation of cinematographic and television works thanks to a dedicated platform. Its head office is located in Los Gatos, California.

At the beginning, the company was only present in the commercial exploitation sector by providing an online rental and purchase service for DVDs delivered to your home, then offered the rental becoming a monthly subscription. Its subscription-based video-on-demand service began in 2007. Since then, the company has launched the distribution of a large number of films and television series, to which it devotes increasing investments. .

Since the launch of its platform, Netflix has offered an offer that differs according to the location of its subscribers. Indeed, the catalog of films and series varies from country to country, as does the price of the subscription, under local broadcasting legislation. Thus, in 2016, the United States is in first position with a catalog offering more than 5,700 films and series while Morocco, last on the list, has less than 160. Belgium and France rank in the average with around 1,850 titles. There are several reasons for these differences in territorial restrictions, including local preferences which mean that a film may please in one country, but not in another.


In order to obtain a more extensive catalog, certain subscribers circumvent this differentiation of the offer by using a “virtual private network” (or VPN) which allows not to reveal their IP address and to indicate the country of their choice as a place. of residence. A French subscriber can therefore have access to content exclusive to American subscriptions. According to Reed Hastings, the solution to using VPN would be to offer the same catalog worldwide, in order to then focus on more disturbing and pressing problems, such as piracy.

Ne pas supprimer SVP

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