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My personality personal story

Hello my name is Antonin. I have been playing basketball since I was 5 years old.
I'm 16 years old now. I play for the club "Lamboisière Martin Basket (LMB).
I coach an U11 team, have they play in D1, it's the strongest category for their age.

My club

I'm part a member of the club Lamboisière Martin Basket (LMB).
This year, the club has 29 teams, 15 females girls and 14 males boys.
The club also organises activities for young people and adults.

My team

In my team were there are 9 players and a coach.
The championship is was played in two party stages, in the first part we were playing in D1.
My team and me placed came 5th out of 6. Which means to in basketball that the last two teams of the pool category goes down get to play in D2. We are currently 1st in the pool in D2.


NBA, a passion
The NBA is the toughest championship in the world.
The NBA championship takes place in 3 party stages. In the first part it's a regular season,
in this one is played which 70 matches are played and the first 8 teams of each conference enters the play off.
Between the regular season and the play-offs, there are the all star game. The all star All-Star game
brings together the 20 best players from all over the world, there are several actions 3 point contest Je ne sais pas ce que tu veux dire ici and matches with the 20 best players in the world.


My favorite team in the NBA

Since i watch I started watching the NBA i follow I've followed one team and only one are and it is the Boston Celtics.
I support this team because the player I love the most is going through playing for this club.


my favorite player

His name is Kyrie Irving.
he started playing at Cleveland Cavaliers and , after 6 years moving to moved on to play with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was then transferred to Boston celtics, it plays for the Nets at brooklyn. Mal dit/confus


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