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The article 49-3?



The article 49 paragraph 3 is a text of the constitution of the Fifth Republic of France.


The 1st Prime minister after the deliberation of the Council of Ministers can bind engage the responsibility of the government in front of the National Assembly.



The government have has to resort to this law to go faster or if they don’t have the majority.



The government stops the discussion of the project of law and it adopt is adopted without vote. But the opposition have has 24h to file a motion of censure. If this motion of censure was endorse buy is endorsed by 1/10 of the senators (58) and the absolute majority of the deputies (289), so the government was dismissing then the project of law is dismissed by the National Assembly and law isn't adopted.


The utilisation use of the 49-3 has never reversed overthrown a government. On During the the 5th **Republic, only one time has a government was dismissed been overthrown , in 1962 but is it was not because of the 49-3. Since 1958, it was used 85 times especially between 1988 and 1991 by Michel Rocard. He used 28 times this article. And since the reformed of the constitution was reformed on 23 July 2008, this law can be use was used only once time during a same parliamentary mandate except for the project of law of or finance of the for social protection.


In the facts:

The 1st/ Prime minister at the National Assembly announces the utilization use of the 49-3. After the law go goes to the senate, here the 49-3 does not apply. The law can be return to decided by the National Assembly; the government can allow the debate or reused use the 49-3. This exchange can start again up to the law was finished has been enacted.

In the actuality What's currently taking place:

Emmanuel Macron is this his presidential election campaign, writes wrote the following:established an uncial system of pension for always the citizens" ……the introduction of pension system based on points for all citizens. The French population, on the 17 November 2018, start started a protest movement about the law “pension law”, this movement, of called the yellow vest movement, during more most of one year. And after the 5 December 2019, the French syndicates add at the trade unions joined the yellow vests. They manifest to were protesting for the abolition of the law to the universal pension a pension system based on points. The French government on the 29 February 2020, committed the used article 49-3 to pass the law about a pension reform. The opposition deposits put forward two motions of censure the next day. This law must be definitively adopted at the end of the year 2020 to get in the universal the new points system for all the contributors born from 2004 in 2022 after 1975 and in the universal present pension system —for all the insured will only apply to those born from 1975 in 2025 in or before 1975__ .


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