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Ton projet est intéressant et très bien structuré mais il n'y aucune erreur ! C'est dommage que ton projet ne soit pas plus "personnalisé" avec des textes rédigés par toi au lieu d'avoir été "copiés" sur un site ou rédigés par quelqu'un qui est bilangue!

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+Primary prevention actions against Coronavirus
• Wash your hands frequently (for more than 10 secondes)
• Use single use handkerchiefs
• Wear a mask when you’re sick
• Use a hydroalcoholic gel hand sanitizer
• Avoid high traffic areas
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
• Cough or sneeze into your elbow
• Avoid crowds, maintain a distance of 1 metre
• It is also recommended to avoid handshake

Secondary prevention actions against Coronavirus

• screening
• treatment


The tools of prevention

• Coronavirus prevention tools include posters, video spots and audios. These tools make it possible to be seen by everyone

What is the origin of the virus?

• COVID-19 was discovered in November/December 2019.The main country affected is China in the small village Wuhan. • virus is transmitted by animals that are the bats and pangolins then to humans. To begin with the virus is spreading mainly in China and then around the world. The virus affects weak people such as the elderly, the sick. In Italy the virus is widespread and many people have been infected. Now also France is affected by the Coronavirus

How do countries stop the spread?

• Countries are curbing the spread of the virus by imposing collective restrictions that apply across the country. For example in France, the President of the Republic has decided to close all schools in France. He also limited the exits of the population by accepting only the necessary exits like for example going to do these groceries for food.

• France, 52 128 positive cases confirmed on 31 March and 3 523 deaths in hospitals. The death rate in France is 3.4%.
The coronavirus has infected more than 860,000 people in 179 countries around the world and caused more than 42,000 deaths.
• More than half of the world’s population is confined. The United States has the highest number of cases with nearly 190 000 patients.
• Europe the countries most affected are Italy with more than 105 000 cases and 12 400 deaths, Spain is also greatly affected with 95 000 patients and more than 9 000 deaths
• Africa the medical equipment is insufficient and the number of beds is also very insufficient. The African continent does not have the means of Europe and China. Airports use temperature control when passengers arrive.
• the moment there are very few people infected, but there is still a risk of spread.
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