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Coronavirus changes the our way of life

You know we are all homebound until further notice because of this virus called covid 19. We have no more lessons, unfortunately. And we have school at home. In conclusion, there must be occupations! So I'm going to tell you about my occupations during this confinement.



I grant you, it is not the best of occupations but it must be done anyway. And in reality it’s not that bad ! ; )



Drawing is something I do often enough to clear my head. I started drawing towards the third (Je n'ai pas compris le mot "third" : quand tu étais en 3ème?) in the permanence rooms. My drawings are not drawn from my own imagination, I look at an image that I like and I reproduce it on paper. I really like to do that when I have free time and now I do more and more drawing and I improve as I go along.



I received my first synthesizer at Christmas and since I got it, I have been learning to play the piano by myself. In particular the letter to Elise from Beethoven, nursery rhyme from another summer by Amélie Poulain, River flow in you by Yiruma and currently Human by Christina Perri. Despite the fact that I've only been playing for a very short time, I love to play the piano. But with the lessons I was pretty busy so I couldn’t really progress in learning the songs, so now I’m going to have more time to do it so I’m pretty happy.



The guitar is one of my greatest passions in the life, I started playing it when I was ten years old. It’s an instrument that I really like and that is easy to carry **around . I have a guitar teacher who helps me learn to play it and I get better and better. I have no particular difficulty learning it, but I work a lot to be able to succeed, so I take it everywhere with me, even in to high school.**



During this time of confinement you have to go and ventilate yourself from time to time so I go with my parents, my brother and my sister to walk around my house in the countryside. Being able to breathe outdoors feels good ! And since I'm in boarding school the rest of the week, so I can spend more time with my family.

My animals


At home I have two cats, a dog and four donkeys. I love them all very much! I often go with them to give them hugs and lots of kisses. My dog is called Eden, he is the most beautiful dog in the world! I really like playing with him. My cats are called Chipie and Snoufie, they are quite wild but they are adorable! My donkeys are called Donald, Pinocchio, Spot and Uki, they are big sloths! I go to see them often to give them bread and to brush them. I have lived with them since I was a little girl so they are all very important in my life. Later I want to become a veterinarian, it's a job that has fascinated me for a few years because I have always been surrounded by animals. I want to help them get better and to feel good and happy as what gives me happiness, I want to return the favor.


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